“I hired Velotak for a love spell, on a girl that had been showing me the cold shoulder for six months. Two weeks after his spell, she contacted me, and wanted to see a movie with me. We flirted for a while, and we’ve now been dating for the past three months.”

“Before coming to themothmage.com, I had no idea that people could create spirits, and was initially skeptical of the claim. I come from a dedicated Hermetics background, and employ Bardon’s methods. I shelled out enough cash for a Level Five spirit, as I figured it would be a good way to determine if these were anything more than thoughtforms. The night it was created, before Velotak had sent me the details, the spirit visited me in a dream, announced its name, and proclaimed its service. It has since helped recharge my phone in about half an hour, accompanied me in lucid dreaming, and once even pulled me back before I fell down my steps. I am very impressed.”

“I ordered a Spiritual-Mental-Physical examination from Velotak about an issue I was facing at my place of employment. Within two hours, not only did he identify what turned out to be the exact issue, but the reading was one of the most detailed and exact I have ever received. Definitely worthwhile.”

“I wanted Velotak to initiate me into Vodou, as my family had a falling out and were exchanging spiritual blows between each other. I was essentially caught in the middle, as none of my relatives would initiate me. After I crashed into a tree on the highway, I sought initiation in order to protect myself as the loi and djabs the members of my family sent at each other were not kind to others. Velotak not only initiated me at two thousand dollars cheaper than any of my other options, but provided me with my Met Tet and the members of my court. After a week, one of my uncles called me and told me he knew I had been initiated, and wanted to know who did it. Thanks to Velotak, I survived it all.”

“In order to make sure my ex-husband didn’t just show up for Christmas, and ruin the holiday for myself and the kids, I hired Velotak to prevent him from interfering. Well, we had an amazing Christmas, with no interference. Not only that, but in my mailbox the day after, I found the keys to his house and a letter stating that he’d skipped town, taken his car, and went across the country. I am stunned.”

“My family commissioned Moadiex to build a Witches’ Dresser to house all of our spirits. We wanted a central altar in order to work with and offer to our spirits, and we received something much more- a place where even our new spirits now show up, and our gateway to the other side. The piece also makes them stronger and weakens the boundaries between our worlds, which we’ve been using to a great extent. Incredible work!”

“I needed help when I found Velotak, and badly at that. My old employer was summoning all manner of spirits to haunt me, and draw me back to him, because I quit when he tried to pin me. I’ve taken a lot of abuse over the course of my life, but with the constant nightmares, robberies, and sicknesses, I was at rock bottom. Velotak provided me with a meditation to calm myself when the fear would overpower me, and set to work on cleansing me. Within three weeks, I was clean of nightmares, had found a new employer, and the crime in my area dropped. Within three months, my old employer found me again, but this time he was the one on his knees before me. He begged me to stop “whatever it was” I had done to him, and that he couldn’t take it anymore. I had Velotak stop the retribution then, and am very thankful for his help.”

“I’ve purchased a few different readings from Velotak, to help me understand why my girlfriend didn’t reach out before. With his help, I think I’m only now beginning to understand how troubled she was, and just what her family had done to her. Thanks to Velotak, I can remember her for who she was, not who she tried to hide me from. I’ve loved her all the same.”

“I had tried using an old ritual from one of my grandfather’s books on ceremonial magic when I was a teenager. For six years, from that night on, I had an “attachment”- something had come out of the book and tunneled into me, sapping my vitality slowly but surely over the months and years to follow. My immune system crashed. I didn’t have the energy for anything. I was diagnosed with clinical depression towards the ends. Originally, I approached Velotak for a scrying, to see if there was any way out of this rut for me. He saw the parasite, told me about it, and I paid him to get rid of it. The night he performed his ritual, I was struck with such a massive chest pain I thought I was having a heart attack- and I’m skinny- which faded after about twenty minutes. It left me feeling empty, but in a good way: I could think, I could breathe, and it was like my soul took over my brain. Since then, I’ve managed to get a job for the first time in years, can calm myself without difficulty, and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel- I’m standing in it.”

“My very first spell, and ironically my very first mistake, was a lust spell I had cast on one of the girls in Biology class. I had used Astarte to woo her heart, and, well, the spell itself was a resounding success for a while, as we did end up together. However, I didn’t anticipate that Astarte would keep applying this “spiritual pressure” to the girl, who would confide in me that she had chronic headaches of increasing pain. On top of that, she was becoming more and more obsessed with seeing me more and more often and even tried to control my actions. I needed a quick out, and Velotak provided just that- I’m lucky his Cancel Spell only cost $50 as I was strapped for cash. Within a few days, her obsessive tendencies seemingly receded into the ether, and within a week or so her headaches died down. We broke up two weeks later.”

“I purchased a Business Helper talisman from Velotak in order to help offset some financial issues my restaurant was facing. The money I had lost over the past six months, I gained back over the course of six weeks, as the amount of customers we served on a daily basis grew from 100 or so to upwards of 400. The best part about the talisman is that it hasn’t stopped working since it arrived! We’re on our way up in the world.”

“To play a prank on my little brother, who wanted to use an Ouija board with his friends on Halloween, I purchased an Ouija Altar from Moadiex to spook him. Well, it arrived and looked just like a normal Ouija board, so I invited my brother to play it with me. In the first session, our lights began to flicker, it sounded like someone knocked on our walls, and there were footsteps all around us. Really cool stuff!”

“I felt that my practice was stagnating after five years of adhering to Golden Dawn material. The occult just wasn’t as fun or full of as many possibilities as I thought it was. After searching around the web for unusual- and more importantly, not-Golden Dawn – magicians, I happened upon Velotak. I purchased from him three days’ worth of questions, specifically to figure out how he performed his operations to see if there was anything I could add to my practice. Those three days not only reshaped what I thought was possible with the occult, but ended up shaking the foundations of everything I was taught previously. Incredible.”

“I took the very first Challenge that was offered on the site, the “Heart of the Champion”, and got the instructions within the next three hours from Moadiex. It was a grueling affair that took me six days of concentration to complete, however, I managed to fulfill two of the three objectives before I couldn’t take it anymore. Needless to say, I have just received my Florida Water and blessing, and I can feel the life in it. It was a rewarding, if harrowing, experience.”

“Three weeks ago, I purchased a large quantity of War Water from Velotak, and paid the additional fee to have Moadiex etch the veve of Ogun into the bottle. My house had been broken into a month before, and I didn’t feel safe with my four year old son in the house while I was working- we’re hours away from our closest relatives. I got a dog and that still didn’t do the trick, it felt like something was stalking me around every corner, whether at work or in my home. A friend recommended me to the store, and in our correspondence Velotak recommended trying War Water. Well, the same week I came across the website, my house was broken into again, this time while my son and I were home. The intruder fled when he heard the dog, but I was shaken. Two weeks ago, the water arrived, with instructions on how to use it. I followed their instructions and practically begged Ogun to protect my home and my child from whoever, or whatever, meant us harm. One week ago, I was woken up in the middle of the night to sirens- one of my neighbors, who is aware of my situation, saw someone try my back door and called the police. The police arrived just in time, and apprehended him. So I can’t thank you enough, Velotak and Moadiex, for what you’ve done.”

“Moadiex’s Adept Coffin is one of the most powerful tools of necromancy I have had the pleasure of using. I’ve been able to contain, cool, and strengthen whatever shades I come across with it, and it has served as the base for an evocation of a death god more than once. On that note, during an evocation, the coffin actually started moving and shaking as if there was someone inside of it that sought to be released. This wasn’t an earthquake. The tremors got so violent the coffin flipped onto the floor, where it remained until the end of the ritual. Powerful stuff.”

“I’ve always wanted to become closer to my ancestors, but never could feel their presence, despite leaving them offerings and performing rituals for them. I came to The Moth Mage to find an answer to this problem, and Moadiex directed me to an “Ancestral Magnifier” that had been recently released. I purchased one, and read the instructions for using it properly- that night, my great-grandmother’s picture fell over, and I had a dream about her. Almost a week later, after daily offerings, I heard my father’s voice from behind me, thanking me for the coffee I gave him. Amazing!”

“My practice requires me to maintain a certain degree of detachment and professionalism, but due to the nature of my work, it often created some emotional turbulence in my life and family. I purchased a painting of my inner realm, that I have maintained images of since I was a child, and began meditating on it every night. I ordered a small one so I could easily conceal it. Thanks to the painting, I have been able to balance out the emotional mishaps I have encountered, and came to an understanding of my psyche I was not able to previously see. Thank you.”

“I purchased a House Blessing, to speed up the recovery process after my home was hit by a fallen tree. Well, not only did my insurance cover the entirety of the damage, but it was cleared and repaired in a single week! Not only that, but my boss gave me a surprise raise a few days after, an extra $6 an hour! The blessing works really well.”

“There was one room in my house my cats would never enter- the mudroom. I had to let them out through the front door to do their business, but I needed to know why they’d never go in. That room always used to be a little colder than the rest of the house, but I never thought much of it. I purchased a Scenario-Solution reading, and found that there was something in the room! I never realized why it would always be a little “off” there- something was watching me and my pets! After I learned about that, I tried to find a way to deal with it, and Moadiex was very helpful to those ends. For a few days, my cats would have no issues with the room, but it would always come back- not after I bought an exorcism for the room, though. Now, it’s gone! The room is warmer, not as unsettling, and my babies have no problem going through it. Thank you The Moth Mage!”

“I am a (permanent) subscriber to the Level Four Monthly Protection Service, and have to report an amazing event. Three nights ago, someone attempted to break into my house- my alarms were tripped, and the spirits that come with the service woke me from a deep slumber. I heard their voices with my own ears, all six of them, and they were all shouting and screeching for me to be alert and cautious. Velotak had given me a warning a few days earlier about a potential danger occurring inside my house, and that someone would be hurt, so naturally, I was nervous. The screeching and alarms didn’t really help that (my spouse had already woken up by that point), until it stopped. I asked the spirits that protected me what happened, and got the feeling that I should check the lawn. Outside, I saw an obscure path of darkness in my driveway, which slowly cleared. I made out a motionless figure on the ground, and when I went outside, found someone in a ski mask, foot wedged into the cracks in my driveway, with a smashed face. Thanks for keeping us safe!”

“After the death of my daughter, I was so overcome with grief, I could hardly leave my bedroom. My brother introduced me to Moadiex, on the premise of being able to communicate with my daughter again. I bought ten questions of channeling to start, on my brother’s suggestion, and the replies were even in line with how she used to talk. I won’t detail what he said, but it has given me a semblance of peace. It has helped.”

“I always wanted to be able to blend in, to just disappear. When I found the Personal Upgrades section, I decided to cough up the $150 to get some help in becoming “invisible”- I never had success with doing it myself. The night it was installed, I had a dream about being a ghost. Two days later, after following the instructions Velotak gave me, someone walked right into me and spilled their drink all over me. Later that day, I had to almost break my buddy’s door down on campus because he “didn’t hear me knocking”. Thanks Velotak!”

“After I dreamed about a person that looked like my grandfather giving me advice, I purchased a “Scrying and Spirit Consultation” from Velotak in order to figure out the nature of the dream. Not only did he describe the spirit exactly as I saw it, but the information my grandfather passed to me in the dream, which has led to initiation into the religion of my ancestors. Thank you, Velotak.”

“I purchased a Level Two Ordeal and, uh, they weren’t kidding- these things are tough, especially when your health is on the line. Not for newbies.”

“The “Dragon’s Horde” bottle always looked interesting to me, and so I decided to purchase it in order to support my side income. I could feel the being that came inside of it when I laid my hands on the bottle, the actual glass seemed hot. I used my pendulum to confirm the identity of the spirit, and had my girlfriend do the same. In two weeks, the bottle brought me an extra $500, and by a month, an extra $900. Also, I’ve experienced a lot of random generosity- not being charged for small fees, getting some things free or at a reduced price- which I guess is a side effect of the dragon? It’s real neat.”

“I bought a two ounce bottle of Planar Water, to apply to my forehead before sleeping in order to try and get myself to the Causal Plane in my dreams. It worked in a single night. Thanks for pointing the way.”

“As a devotee of the Morrigan, the signs that come to me in my spiritual work are largely carried by crows. Thanks to Her, I was even able to score a new job at a high-powered firm. After I climbed the hierarchy, though, the time for my devotions became increasingly cramped, and I didn’t have the time or energy to watch for signs from my Goddess. I purchased a Gate on a sudden impulse, and was instructed to bury it in my yard to center its influence. It has worked very well so far, and I couldn’t be more content- not only does my body start to react before the appearance of a sign, which lets me catch it, but I’ve even seen Her in my home! Thank you for reconnecting me to my Goddess.”

“The Enlivened Statue I purchased was of Lord Shiva. Originally, the statue’s presence was notable, but not overwhelming- it was only when I fed it as instructed that the strength of Shiva began to emanate throughout my entire home! One can feel Him the moment they walk through my door, and I believe Shiva is expanding through my neighborhood now. Thank you both!”

“I had angered a fellow lodge member during one of our meetings, and he consequently decided to attack myself and my wife and child with magick. He is a higher rank and more experienced than me, which means my protections hardly stood a chance- our lives, homes, and bodies fell apart. His work was rooted in the Martian and Saturnian spheres. During the three months I was trying to stave off his attack, I began to lose hope and even doubted that this was an “attack”, and not just my life. I found The Moth Mage on the recommendation of a fellow lodge member, and purchased an Armor Enhancement, a Pattern Examination, and a Level Three spirit to protect us. My suspicions on the source of the power, Mars and Saturn, was confirmed, and the night the spirit and enhancement came in I dreamed of Horus defeating Set. By week’s end, nothing injurious occurred, by month’s end, we had achieved a semblance of normalcy. However, around that time, I came near the individual responsible during another lodge meeting, and the attacks started anew. This time, they were less damaging to my family and our home, and stopped the next week. I learned that this was due to the attacker being in a bad motor accident, from which he received numerous broken ribs. We sleep soundly, now.”

“I purchased a two ounce bottle of Door Opening Water, and I am greatly impressed- my scrying sessions have improved with even one drop. To boot, the intensity of my evocations has been improved, and I can almost see spirits now. I intend to buy a bigger bottle soon.”