A Multitude of Lights


Very few of our species retain memory upon incarnating. Fewer still, are those of us who build the foundations of perception from scratch. Ordinarily, we are born with no judgement of the world before us. Opinions and beliefs are formulated by our interaction with each other, not the world around us- neither are “naturally occurring”. Religious agnostics, political centrists, philosophical absurdists, and complete and utter solipsists, are all linked by a common thread- interaction with others led them to their opinion.

When we are first exposed to the world, our assemblage points are taught and nudged as to where to reside. This is not a conscious effort, but rather a result of nurturing a youth, a feature of nature. Our ability to judge, and therefor our ability to have opinions and beliefs about, our surroundings arises not as a natural progression of person, but of energy. The position of the assemblage point of the caretaker is the position that the child will drift towards.

Can the monsters under your bed be guardians, if you never learn to fear the dark, and see them as such? Can confidence really make you more attractive, intelligent, or whatever else? Do flat earth theorists actually live on a flat earth?

The answer to all three is yes.

On Perception

It should come as no surprise, reader, that nothing in this world is “real” in the commonly-accepted sense. As Don Juan once said, “this is a world of energy first, than of objects”. Most philosophers from the Ancient Hindus, Plato, and Descartes all shared the view that our world was not what it seemed to be. They were strongly aware of the sheer delusion of our existence, the falsehood of the idea that what we saw made any sense, and that our senses could be trusted. Many people over the history of our species have felt the pull to something “more”, something “out there” that is beyond what we know. The unknown can be sensed, even by the magically unaware- due to the current configuration of man, this has often been interpreted as fear. A “gut feeling” that something bad is about to happen. There are countless sounds our ears cannot hear, countless colors our eyes cannot see, and the idea that we are all firmly grounded in the same “reality“ seems unfounded, even if the alternative seems to make even less sense.

The reason for this, is an energetic fact that has been recognized by sorcerers since antiquity- we are all, at our base, pliable energy. Moving, shifting, living energy, which can turn from some states into other states, and from one form into another. How does this change occur? By persistent effort, refined thought- intent, which can rearrange our very selves. We are, not what we are, but what we see ourselves to be. Often, it takes a winding length of time for people to fully come to terms with this. Some endure trial by fire, pits of despair, several “Dark Nights of the Soul”, before the final moment when they can realize that they are indeed at the centerpiece of their observation, and that fact is malleable to them. Observation defines reality.

If you do not believe me, reader, may I ask, what do you perceive The Moth Mage as?

We are a voice in your head, working to open your eyes. Whether rough or soothing, whether strict or playful, the entirety of our personality, is what you ascribe to us. A portion of your perception is what we present ourselves as, but it is you, the individual, that determines what that means.

What are we, our species, but a collection of feelings and energies being continually changed?

Magic and Perception

Ancient sorcerers were keenly aware of the energetic facts previously discussed. Perception occurred when the energy fields in the body of the individual resonated with similar fields in the wider environment, through the assemblage point. That is why it has its name, for the assemblage point is the crossroads where perception is arranged.

Through the manipulation, shifting, and movement of this point, allowed by consistent effort and intent to those ends, a wholly different array of perceptions was available to the sorcerer. By effect on the individual, it is a wholly different reality to work on and with. The fibers of light that attach between all beings, the foundation of intent, is where the power to push the assemblage point comes from. For this reason, we say that we are creatures of light, and that our world, is made of light. Light that we shape, light that we are. Energy that we shape, energy that we are.

In fact, the bulk of magic is just this- slip into a different state, where things are just easier to shape. Perceiving things, at the smallest level, affects even the most minute of properties. Focused intent can even cause a domino effect, through a sheer act of will- refined thought in action is a powerful force. See others differently, in order to change others. See yourself differently, in order to change yourself. See nature, humanity, life or death differently, and you can change them.

Through spending our time in a society, we have slowly, but surely, intersected our perceptual bases. Much of mankind rests on the position of reason, which rules this age of people. This has enabled us to unite our views and construct our society, its rules and applications, and expand our civilization. It has, also, limited most people to a narrow view of reality forever bound by certain circumstantial, biological, and physical laws. With time, this common observation reality becomes the most comfortable one- so comfortable, in fact, that we forgot how to get out of it.

The ever-expanding amount of art and cultural work that is being produced in an attempt to highlight the rebellious, the new, the unique and the eccentric, the hallmark of this generation and the past century or so, has been in silent protest to the frames that we are fitted, and an attempt to change this. Regardless of their efforts, the only movement of assemblage point that makes any difference is yours. For what you perceive, defines reality as a whole. Essentially, we are all the main characters in our own novels, all the starring actors in our own movies and plays.

So… now that you’re in the spotlight, what are you going to do with it?

Written by Qur. 


The Difference Between Magic and Psychology (And Why It Matters)

We here at The Moth Mage strive for magical quality over quantity, and when it comes to magical understanding, there are certain boundaries one must stay within, or cross, in order to successfully work a spell. When analyzing magical models, or models of operation, we classify them into six major fields:

  1. Psychological Model
  2. Energy Model
  3. Spirit Model
  4. Information Model
  5. Meta Model
  6. Uncategorized Model

We of The Moth Mage have an equal distribution of “Spirit Model” and “Uncategorized Model” workers- Siralonx and Moadiex in the former, and Qur and Velotak in the latter. There exists, on and off-line, a vast repository of information regarding the differences between at least the first three categorizations, with less on the last three. Energy Models generally perceive the universe as being founded on different qualities of energy, while Spirit Models centralize the functions of eternity on spiritual beings and intelligences, usually beyond the scope of (or well within the reach of) humanity. Information Models identify the functional force of the universe as information, which dictates the behavior of energy in a manner akin to advanced programming. Meta Models incorporate most or all models, with primary emphasis on the experience of the individual, however, Uncategorized Models are purely based on personal experience or a functionally different form apart from the previously mentioned.

All of the described models are legitimate vessels of magical experience and functional ways of interacting with power.

That is, aside from the Psychological Model.

Most interpretations of this model of spiritual understanding are not equivalent to magical understanding. Developing the personality of oneself and the confrontation of one’s inner weaknesses is a mental matter- or, rather, at least in the ways presented by this model. It only begins to incorporate spiritual aspects with the introduction of archetypes into one’s routines; patterns of behavior and character fundamentally understood by mankind for millennia. Even these “subconscious legends” tend to act in solely psychological functions, which is not the true scope of sorcery.

The primary failing of the Psychological Model is that in many of its iterations, the “subscriber” is instructed to view the contents of the system as mental constructs or programs that are interfaced with in order to understand the self. It is a human-centric method of describing spiritual experience, which is simply a metaphysical fallacy:

It isn’t about us. 

The universe we cohabit is a place much bigger than we can properly image with our telescopes. There are many layers to our experience in this world, and our cosmic insignificance is part and parcel of this whole. A central concept to our time here is our impending death, our limited amount of actions we get to perform before this form rots away.

The difference between psychology and magic matters because purely mental efforts bring purely mental results. Playing around in the deep folds of your subconscious can be personally illuminating, but it isn’t magic- its mistaking reading the instruction manual for playing the game.

True magical patterns are not born from intricate series of imaginations, but from a metaphysical source oftentimes outside of the sorcerer. Most magic involves the utilization of a power source outside of the caster (if properly created), such as a spirit, location, or object.

Symbolic mental wanderings are not acts of sorcery.

The differentiation matters when it comes to result.

Psychological events often consist of visual stimuli used as a focus for concentration on certain aspects of the self. One may relate the wounds of a Christ figure to their own past troubles, as an example. Most do not produce sensations, regardless of their normal frequency as experienced by the adherent. While capable of facilitating revelations, either personal or regarding interaction between the players of life, it does not produce much else except a distorted sense of reality- oftentimes the symbols used as focal points for their development appear more substantial than they are.

Magical events usually combine sensory stimuli such as smells, tastes, and feelings, but often as a side effect or means of detecting magical phenomena. These phenomena fall under two primary distinctions, with many potential sub-classes of categorization: spiritual change, or physical change. Magic seeks to affect the fabric of reality using metaphysical patterns, to conform to the will of the caster or an outside influence. Magic can change the identity of the self, but it can also rearrange the life of an individual for better or worse. Sorcery can be worked for the self, or for others, and can affect the living, dead, and inhuman alike.

Magic isn’t about humanity.

Magic is about reality…

…and vice versa.

Understanding Coffins, Gravestones, and Funerals

Disclaimer: The Moth Mage is not responsible for the effects that may occur when such practices are utilized. By reading this post, you hereby agree to this.

It has come to our attention recently that some individuals have a hard time understanding the function of these tools, and often confuse them for secret, initiation-barred practices. The reality of it, is that the funerary service often given to the departed in the Western world is actually a potent magical tool- from the funeral itself down to the most iconic symbols of death, magic can be found in every aspect of life- even its end.

It is these objects which I will clarify.

We will “work our way up” in this post, quite literally- from the coffin, to the gravestone, to the funeral itself.


As most of you are likely aware, coffins function as final resting places for the departed. Their color, size, and shape is less important than this function for magical purposes, although the aforementioned qualities do effect the magic one can work with it. Coffins have three primary magical functions-

  1. Cages
  2. Attracting Spirits
  3. Paying Spirits

Now, let’s work our way down. “Cages” sounds simplistic, and depending on the complexity of the task, it can be. In order to cage an entity in a coffin, first, the outer parts must be appealing for the entity. Usually, this is determined by the esoteric resonance of the entity (i.e. orange for mercurial entities, gray for brain-parasites, etc.), often combined with sigils of the entity’s superior, depictions of its favorite offerings or pleasures, and so on. This is the “bait” portion of the cage. The key here is that the entity must feel like they must come closer. Play the outer portion to the specific entity’s quirks.

From here, you will want to play the insides again to the specifics of the entity in question. For example, if dealing with a malevolent fire entity that hates dogs, you will want to attempt to bring in Anubis or a similarly opposite-poled entity. If you have a wild marid on your hands, you will want to charge the insides with sigils and depictions of pig-headed, or close to that, entities. If you’re finding a connection, this is because the inside of the coffin should be designed to run exactly counter to the entity itself- it works by making all of the energy of the being, and the inside of the coffin, “neutral”. Note that this is not what always happens, and if including spirits in the place of energies, be sure they understand that you are attempting to bind, suppress, or otherwise remove the spirit. It is suggested that, if possible, all potential targets of the hostile intelligence be removed from the location you intend to set a Coffin up in. It is additionally suggested that you leave a manifestation base, if the spirit is conducive to such (with no attachments to you or the victims), in order to send it a stronger signal. Should the method of neutralizing the energies prove ineffective, or inadvisable, attempt to confuse them by creating mazes all over the inside of the coffin- unsolvable, connecting ones.

Remember: for this, keep the coffin closed.

Moving on, the coffins we sell here at The Moth Mage, are a mixture of types two and three- attracting and paying spirits. We’ll go over both now.

The outer portion of the coffin should follow a similar design process as in part one- the coffin should be appetizing or otherwise appealing to the entity or entities. This includes their sigils, and the sigils of their familial entities or their superiors.

The inner portion, however, should be designed to condense and intensify the energy of what is contained inside. This can be done by applying concentric circular sigils charged with intent to those ends, on the entire interior, or by charging the very coffin as an offering, from which you can dispose of it as the creature desires. Additionally, offerings you know the entity likes, or “general” offerings such as rum, sweet tobacco, chilled water, and so on. Leave the coffin closed if possible, but if signs say to leave it open, that is a possibility.

The key difference between attracting and paying entities is in why the offerings are out.

When attracting spirits, you “stand guard”- not in a hostile way, but in a ritualistic one. What matters isn’t protecting the coffin, it is using these offerings in order to draw entities. Usually, this means you should include manifestation bases as or along with your offerings- and even a petition for what you want the entities to do in exchange for these gifts. Be careful with this, when not targeting a specific entity or breed of such, as tricksters are very real and could easily appear and rob you of your offerings, without performing the desired task. The reason you offer to the intelligences before, and even after, the exchange is commenced is to get their attention- do you think a god will look at a pauper, first, or someone who shows them that they have what the deity wants? Spirits of compassion and charity aside, incentives are key to getting willing workers. Pacts work in place of petitions, as well. The point is that they take the offerings in return for a service.

Whereas, with just paying them, you can leave the coffin open, with the offerings, make an invocation to the proper entities and leave it running for 24 hours, before disposing of the offerings.

However, these only apply to one kind of work.

The coffins provided by we here at The Moth Mage are specific to the departed, whether they be human, animal, or otherwise. These can be reused to many ends, assuming that they are not required to function as a cage. Our coffins are worked in additional, deeper ways that will not be elaborated upon here.

Moving up…


Gravestones are magically very interesting tools, as they function similarly to death certificates in the spiritual realms, but contain stronger magic. This may be attributed to the frequent use of such in the past few hundred years, and its symbolic properties. The gravestone has two primary ways it can be used- focused on a specific individual, or acting in place of the force of death itself.

A gravestone- or even a mock variant- can be used in healing and destruction rituals alike. When focusing the powers of death onto a specific individual, you will either want to draw them a magically-charged gravestone, should they be alive, or have a photograph of their gravestone, or the place which it used to occupy (so long as the body remains underneath).

On living targets, the depiction of the gravestone should contain a link to the target. If they already have a gravestone, attach a picture of it to their link and proceed with the following methods. Whether this means you etch it onto a photograph of them or roll a lock of their hair into the drawing (as one would roll up a newspaper), a link- in addition to their full name on the top of the stone itself- is virtually necessary in order to make this method work. When the image is successfully drawn and rolled, you will want to tie it with a string that corresponds to the color of the work you are performing- green for healing, black for bane, etc.

The type of magical work you are attempting will determine the next step in the process. For restorative work, you should proceed by bringing in whichever healing spirits you desire, and write the disease, habit, or other impurity you are attempting to cure, over the name of the individual. From here, you will want to write both the name and the targeted facet twice more, stacked beneath the first crossed-names. Do this so that the impurity is written on top of the name of the person. Invoke the spirits you have selected, and destroy the image of the gravestone so that the image is broken and ripped. This is very important- do not burn it. Whereas destroying the image, if created as described, will target the issue within the certain person, burning it will transmit the issue. 

Which is exactly what is to be done for baneful work, without the flaw of the individual (unless you are attempting to transmit anything except bane to them). The ritual should be structured similarly, merely with the correct corresponding entities and energies, evoked and invoked. The primary method of delivery in this case is the ritual burning of, and visualization of the subsequent funeral (energetic and physical) of, the target.

When working with the dead, you may substitute their individual sigils for images of their gravestones. If possible, working with their physical gravestone, such as leaving the appropriate offerings and petitions, should be substituted for a photograph of it. You get out what you put in. For the departed, these are often the strongest links outside of a piece of the cadaver itself (which is not advised, legality of such aside, some don’t like their bodies disturbed). This area of work has received much attention from other sources, however, so this is the extent of which we will cover the dead and their graves.

The symbolic resonance of the gravestone is easy enough to spot, so we will give a brief examination of the topic. Whereas a skeleton is an individual, a coffin a bed or chest, and a reaper the process of dying, gravestones stand as testaments of death. What we mean by this, is that a gravestone is connected to elemental earth (which death is connected to) through the use of stone- it’s in the name, after all. As they are placed above the resting place of the corpse, they mark to the world where this individual has died, as it is a long-standing beacon that informs the world “this one died”. Oftentimes this includes their life span, cause of death, and sometimes a message from the departed’s family. All of these factors anchor into the spirit realms, especially with the consistent use of such by our species, and are magically workable even without a charge. This resonance has not reached a deep enough level for even images of gravestones to possess links to death, which is why we have advised to charge the images for living targets.

And, speaking of a deeper level of resonance…


Funerary services have been a part of mankind’s relationship with death since the beginning of civilization. Even chimps have funerals for their dead. The outer style of the funeral, while tangentially related to the act itself, holds little power in and of itself. What makes funerals so ritually potent is the attention of the participants- paying respects, crying, focusing on the deeds of the departed- funerals bring through power by making people see death for a time.

Physical differences aside, the primary mechanic of gravestones in comparison to funerals is who’s attention is being grabbed. In the case of gravestones, it is elementally resonant and can attract other shades of the departed, should they be present in the area. Often, this layer of power is enough to get most jobs esoterically relevant done.

But, sometimes, there are hard targets.

Putting on a funeral for a living person, even without magical intent behind it, is often enough to cause some sort of damage in their life. The action itself resonates in the patterns of our species, as it has been ingrained in us for some time, and can affect a properly identified individual even when the opposite intent is magnified. Such is the strength of funerals.

A magical funeral is even more potent.

In order to properly identify the target, one must possess links to them. A fragment of their soul in an object, works as well as some of their bodily fluids. This can be placed in a coffin or even an urn. From there, the ritual consecration of the “remains” and subsequent surrender to the powers of death completes the act in a magically resonant way, which increases the strength of the spell.

Unopposed, performed correctly, results will manifest.


There are always individuals which tend to confuse sorcery for tradition, and spilled secrets for similar machines. The truth of the matter is that both directions of misunderstanding happen, and while the tools we have finished describing do have their own properties, there exist other legitimate ways to utilize them as well. With experimentation and innovation, one can find a myriad of other uses for these machines, either traditional in scope or completely new.

The only boundary, is your imagination.

Introducing: The Little Moths

The “Little Moths” are what we here at The Moth Mage call our sorcerous apprentices and functional interns. Moadiex and I have scrutinized and debated and divined to determine the amount of Little Moths necessary, and from there, hand picked two candidates among the eleven that volunteered for the position.

They go by the monikers of Qur and Siralonx. These two individuals will be participating in most of the spellwork performed by we here at The Moth Mage, as part of their training to become professional sorcerers. They have volunteered to provide their email addresses for the public, and will only take cases that are confirmed to be purchased. Allow me to describe their practices:

Qur is a transhumanist wizard with a bent for ancient sorcery, who has six years’ experience. He employs spiritual and universal connections to push the boundaries of what is magically possible for humans to achieve. He is an eclectic student, combining the practices of ritual, natural, and psionic magic to assemble a variety of approaches to solving possible situations.

Siralonx is a sorcerer with similar connections to Qur, but allocated primarily in the modern disciplines and natural systems of magic. Siralonx has also been honing his craft for six years. His practices are less physically based than Qur’s, as Siralonx specializes in astral, psionic, and animalistic magic. His blend of instinctual, biological sorcery and taoist magical and energetic practices results in a multifaceted, versatile set of skills from which he draws his power.

We are proud to welcome these distinguished students into the wings of The Moth Mage.

You may reach them at these addresses-



Understanding Blood


There seems to be a widespread misconception about the magical purpose and usage of blood on both ends of the spectrum: some believe that blood has no influence or worth for sorcery (it does), and some believe that details down to the color of your skin make a massive difference (not really).

I’ve even seen individuals claim that gods and spirits don’t care about blood! Which is mostly wrong.

Some people, like that, miss the mark entirely, and some people only use it as a reward for hungry spirits, or as a dense form of spiritual matter.

You are your blood. 

These are all somewhat accurate, but they don’t explain the depth of power contained within blood.

There are, however, some key operating principles of blood that need to be understood in order to effectively work with your body and your timeline.

These are most easily explained in three parts:

  1. Bloodlines
  2. Genetics
  3. Personal Spirits


Make no mistake: your ancestry, your family, and where you came from matters.

Bloodlines and ancestry are something that every human being is born into, and bloodlines tend to mix and muddle and cross. The bloodlines you are a fusion of- that of your parents- came across time to mix and make you. Generations have passed into and out of existence, struggling to survive or thriving, each a brick in your castle, the fortress of your spirit.

When you are born into this world, all you are is your blood- your foundations come first, before you come close to acquiring conscious experience.

Ancestral power can be explained as similar to Legos. The more generations that have passed, and the more power in those generations, the stronger the construction and the stronger the bloodline is. Being a sorcerer enlivens your bloodline, if only proportionally to your “share” of the blood.

That is, of course, assuming you don’t specifically work to bring them all to strength. In that case, one member of the bloodline can empower and infuse the entire line, backwards and forwards, with power.

However, birth is not the only way to access a bloodline. There are two other ways one can earn entry, one of which I’ll go over here and the other I’ll go over in the “Personal Spirits” section.

If a member, or a certain kind of member depending on the structure of the bloodline, accepts another individual as a part of their family- such as marriage, or initiation- one can become part of that bloodline. This is generally done through a ritual, as truly creating another member of the family is never an easy task, to introduce and mingle the ancestors together. This can be about spiritual ancestors, such as previous cycles of orders, which is done in initiation.

Bloodlines are the major topic of this post, as the other two categories are really only subsets of explanations on the power of bloodlines and understanding them properly.

The basic axiom is this: your blood determines everything you set out into this world with, though it does not encapsulate everything you can become. 

With that, let’s move on to the genetics section, to discuss what exactly your blood gives you from a magical perspective.


What are we born with?

This isn’t a rhetorical question. It is the one you should be asking yourself at this current time. I don’t speak of our physical capabilities, as we all know that infants of our species tend to be unable to care for themselves in any distinguishable way.

Yet, that doesn’t describe what we incarnate here with. What are our tools? How much of our spiritual prowess is determined from birth alone? Is our access to certain kinds of spirits measured by the astrological and familial circumstances of birth?

Let’s work our way backwards.

Yes, our access to certain spirits is chosen by the immediate circumstances of our birth. Our natal charts and ancestors have their own energetic frequencies, their own resonance- it is this, when mixed with our nature, that produces the “kit” we are born with and the “keys” that come with it, not-too-metaphorically speaking.

Note that I don’t mean access to all spirits is determined by this combination. Rather, there are sets of astrological and stellar entities, and sets of localized and ritualized entities, that are only fully unlocked by those who share their traits. An Aries will naturally be able to work deeply with the spirit of the constellation, a Taurus will find the most use out of its constellation’s spirit, and so on. When a family has long existed in the same location, and packs psychics (natural or trained) throughout the line, their homeland grows an affinity for them. The people become part of the landscape.

This is not the only situation in which local spirits can attach to a bloodline, however.

If a single human has enough power, and ambition, behind them, it is possible to ritualistically transform the energetic qualities of their bloodlines, in order to resonate and “click” with certain beings that the sorcerer wants to work with their line. This can be utilized in anything from a massive curse, to opening the gateways for the sorcerers of the future to have nearly endless access. With enough strength, it is even possible to set up and operate patterns that automatically indicate- or have indicators relating to birth- the presence of a sorcerer in the line.

The imagination is the limit for concepts, power is the limit for utilization of the concepts.

That brings me to my next point: how much of our spiritual prowess is determined by birth?

The simple answer is, however much of it you can think of. The more complex answer is, what we allow it to encapsulate.

See, these little bundles of frequencies and feelings we call “people” are, from birth, set out on a path. There’s an easy way to remember the exact function of this path:

Destiny is the skeleton of Fate.

Internalize that. We are all set out on a path that we cannot change- that no amount of sorcery will nudge- which is our destiny. We all have a reason for being here, and that’s what our destiny takes us to fulfill, or fail. Failure has a huge number of consequences we will not be delving into in this post. Fate, however, is the “stuff” we can change- interactions, circumstances, paths, and so on. Our fates are ever-changing, ever-intersecting oceans that we navigate with the ever-weakening ship of our bodies.

Destiny holds the power we are supposed to have. Fate holds the power we can have.

In order to know what we can have, or what we are supposed to have, we need to know what we do have.

The Netjer and associated Egyptian entities tend to refer to this as our “pots of resources”, or “rooms of resources”. This has to do with personal energy management, and is regarded as the power any one aspect of our lives has at any given moment. While there are far more individual, incredibly specific “pots”, I will give a brief explanation of the big seven:

  1. Health. This has to do with your physical condition, your emotional and mental health, and the measure of your life force.
  2. Wealth. This has to do with your physical resources, how available finances or tools are, and so on.
  3. Creativity. This is your artistic expression, your ability to bring things into the world.
  4. Summation. This is a bit of your entirety, and the full breadth of your life force.
  5. Senses. From physical senses to magical senses, this pot deals with the energy of your ability to perceive this world, and others. I have found that it is not linked to the Assemblage Point, rather, more geared towards projection and similar arts.
  6. Influence. It handles your persuasiveness and personality while dealing with your magical capability and how much power the patterns you create, pack.
  7. “Truth”/”Soul”. This monitors your soul’s expression through your body, and how true you are being to your, well, true self.

Josephine McCarthy’s Quareia course handles these resources in more depth, and slightly differently, if you seek further reading on them.

Back to the overall post. As you just read, we as humans have a number of different “settings” by simply existing in this world, in this moment. This is what the factors we have previously discussed, influences- this is the board to move your pieces on.

Permutations of these qualities is what we’re born with, and what changes with us over time.

Now onto our last sub-topic.

Personal Spirits

I’ve already written on the potentialities of “making” spirits join with one’s bloodline, and it isn’t mental gymnastics to understand that one can create personal spirits for their line, either.

This is about neither of those things.

Rather, I’d like to take a moment to discuss what exactly happens when a spirit, of their own volition, pledges to serve, walk with, protect, or in any other capacity work with your bloodline.

The amount of possible reasons behind such a decision is enormous. If you’ve saved a spirit, it may pledge itself, if you’ve talked to one or worked with one for long enough, it may pledge itself, if you’re stronger and have a similar purpose, it may pledge itself- and so on.

Yet you’ll notice that all of the qualifiers I mentioned have to do with you, personally, the mage. Despite the fact that only you, for hypothetical purposes, of your line is doing anything like that for the spirits in question. Why is this?

The answer can be found in understanding how occult familial relationships function. Child spirits are naturally subsets of, or younger versions of, their parent spirit- assuming they share the same energy or patterns.

Members of a bloodline may not necessarily share the same energy (though that is more prevalent in closer families), but they do share the same base patterns. Ancestry is a set of a patterns that are visible to spirits when viewed inside your body, or, they may see your ancestry from great distances, if you keep your line fed and lively.

To put it plainly: they aren’t swearing allegiance to you, as a person, they bend the knee to your pattern, which naturally includes the smaller patterns unique to your family. Your “signature(s)”, as it were.

So, although some spirits will choose to identify you by your individual patterns, most by nature associate you with the patterns of your family. Heritage, ancestry, and family- all aspects of the same concept, all qualities that matter between spirits. This can even be used to identify the pantheon a spirit comes from.

In conclusion, blood does not matter to spirits, and to our work, because of any preconceived “divine right”. We are identified by our blood, and spirits can be found and traced by theirs. Our blood is the pattern of our foundations, and these pillars are special to some spirits, inconsequential to others. Once they have your “calling card”, they can phone you. Feeding them blood, is akin to being intimate with that spirit.

So pick your friends wisely.

And your enemies, even more so.

Realpolitik: Self, Sorcery, and Politics

State Sorcery

Realpolitik is “a system of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations”.

Read that sentence over again before continuing.

If you’re on this site, reading this post, you (probably) know and understand that sorcery is an incredibly practical affair, or, rather, can be taken to those ends. Yes, you can indeed hook a desired lover’s heart and sex to your person. Yes, you can receive a few thousand dollar windfalls from spells (if you’re skilled). Yes, the bones of the dead can rattle again to rise and serve.

Yes, spirits can change the landscapes of nations and continents, geographically or psychologically.

There are spells to rend flesh from bone, create terrible disasters and accidents, and change the fate of countries. There are spirits that can play millions of men’s minds at once like a fiddle, and there are deep shadows where quiet eyes and teeth wait to pounce.

Wizards utilize these elements of the unknown. To venture out into the spiritual realms, for knowledge and power, is to throw oneself again and again into the belly of the beast, the face of danger. Unfathomable horrors may cross your path, with tentacles as long as galaxies and mouths wider than black holes. Ancient wonders may illuminate your senses, with temples as radiant as they are massive and creatures as beautiful as all the tales.

To step into the unknown is to search for power.

So, reader, I have to ask you a question- in the modern day, where information is so widely available, especially on esoteric topics; what makes you think governments and businesses don’t employ something that cannot be explained in a rational way, yet can have success rates of over 90%?

Don’t think differently, as it isn’t even close to being a new kind of practice.

Sorcery being employed as a tool to control, defend, curse, or embolden the masses has been present in any civilization with a mythology I can place. Whether or not the rulers themselves were sorcerers, or had members of their courts or even populace partake in these practices, is sometimes difficult to discern.

We know that the Queen Elizabeth I had John Dee to advise her. Getting Biblical, Saul employed the Witch of Endor, and the Pharaoh in the New Testament had Iannes and Mambres. Michael Scott was a Scottish wizard that tutored a Pope, Frederick II. Hell, Rudolph II was an alchemist. 

We see modern day reflections of this in black-book projects like MKULTRA, which Bill Clinton officially apologized to the victims of as President, and Project Stargate, which employed full time psychics to remotely view sensitive documents. Turning the clock back a few decades, we have Crowley and Fortune on the British side of the occult “Battle of Britain”. On the other side of the conflict we have Heinrich Himmler and his occult-minded Nazi fellows.

Do you really think all of that, suddenly stopped?

Do you really think a “tried and true” tool of the elite for the past few thousand years would be so easily dismantled by the tides of logic and reason that fail to grasp its nature?

Psychology isn’t the only tool being used by advertisers to woo customers. And that brings me to my next point.

Media and Thought

Let’s get something straight, before we deeply examine this section:

The media is lying to you.

Your country of origin makes almost no difference. In the post-1945 world order, the media has been slowly but surely incorporated into and become an arm of the state. Western, Eastern, Southern, Northern, you can find evidence of this trend in almost any country you look at.

Media is propaganda, regardless of how unbiased it may be. Care to guess why that is?

Its because you can’t not influence people, especially in masses that share and communicate with each other, when dispensing information. The information, at this current stage of humanity, will have an effect on the way those that receive it think or operate. They may think of a tough moral choice for days or weeks at a time, or flare in collective rage at perceived injustices.

We know how magic has been and continues to be a tool of the state, but with something as commonly accepted as the media, do you think they’d just let a juicy opportunity like that pass by?

Many governments leap on that kind of control over their people.

Everybody fears a rebellion, and some go to more dire measures than others to ensure the regime’s power isn’t threatened, or torn down entirely.

People that apply sorcery politically, that still take the hooks that most media tends to cast for reactions and ratings, aren’t doing it strategically or sensibly. In order to understand the nature of the world, one must first be able to see it for what it IS, and not what others say it is.

This is how one cultivates bands of “civilian sorcerers” that join together for group workings against a political candidate, ideology, or national trend. The casualty rates tend to be lower if the workers are experienced, or know to defend themselves against sustained occult onslaught.

Those that don’t see the massive spiritual armaments toted by heads of state and business, never get the chance to mention that they even brushed up against them before being neutralized- ideologically/psychologically, physiologically, or personally. That kind of awareness is only fit to be a juicier morsel for the Eagle, and oh how it loves a fool.

This doesn’t mean that national situations cannot be changed by sorcerers operating individually, however.

The Fight for Purpose

If you’re truly set on changing your political environment through sorcery, there are simple steps to preparation that are infinitely more complex than the three sentences seem at first glance:

  1. Have a goal.
  2. Discern the steps you can take to achieve that goal.
  3. Perform the required actions, flawlessly or near-flawlessly.

Sounds simple. As a matter of fact, this is a three-step “program” that can be achieved to virtually any action that starts with a desire.

And that, reader, is the point.

See, in the past I have found political magic a waste of my time. I’ve only meddled it in recently for personal, historical reasons that I will not be disclosing.

The key is, in order to create political change, you must first have an informed, understood reason for working. You must have a banner to rally behind in order to be successful. An idea, a force, an entity, whatever- there must be a flag of your country flying in the depths of your mind in order to truly tip the scales.

Why this is, remains an unknown. I have a hunch that it is due to the nature of political patterns, energetically, and how past operators of the patterns functioned in rituals.

To get on that racket, you need something more than a vague sense of country or self- you need a rally marker.

And it is up to each of us, man, woman, child, or monster, to find our own reason to make change.

Lest ashes become ashes yet again.

Announcing: Ordeals & Challenges

Recently, we have added Mojo Bags, Channeling, and Spirit Bottles to the wide array of products and services offered here.

This is not all, however. We will soon be unrolling a rare type of occult service: that of ordeals and challenges.

What do we mean by this?

An Ordeal is a level-based “test”. The basic levels will run from one (1) to three (3), each step up increasing the duration and the intensity of the ordeal. The purpose of an Ordeal is for an aspiring warrior, seer, or sorcerer to test their problem solving abilities under a time constraint. The base categories are Physical, Mental, and Spiritual, however, if there is a specific field of one aspect of your life you would like to have us test (your physical health, the durability of your defenses, etc.), this is also available: ask. For those who feel they are capable of handling even a level five ordeal, which is no small feat, you may speak to either of us about having an “Omnideal”. If the name doesn’t give it away, this is a special type of ordeal in which we will go all out on the “exam”. We are not responsible for what happens to those that partake in these ordeals, especially the Omnideal. The point of this service is for the sorcerer to make sure they can respond under pressure, and not crack under it, as such the Omnideal is a very limited affair.

Challenge is a month-long, hands-off, reward-based version of an Ordeal. What this means, is that we will be setting up the Challenge in advance with our spirits, and there will be an objective that must be realized and reported to either of us. As the ones organizing the Challenges, we will know exactly what the objectives will be and, if they are successfully attained, there will be a prize. This prize will range from a personal spirit, to a tool, to a “themed” occult device that has relation to the times in which the Challenge takes place. Note that these Challenges will be populated with factors outside of our control, and as such we are not liable for what happens to those that partake in them. You understand this by purchasing entry into a Challenge. For a flat $100 USD, we will reveal the objective(s) of the Challenge to the buyer. If a Challenge is not completed within the month time set, there will be no reward given, as the Challenge will cease to exist. Only sorcerers that are experienced with spirits, astral travel, rituals and divinations should attempt these Challenges, although specific requirements will be posted with the Challenge itself. The reward(s) for the completion of the Challenge will be posted publicly.

In short- a personal “stress test”, or entry into a test of strength that will yield rewards.

Those interested in purchasing these services should consider them carefully, as we will test what we are hired to test. With this in mind, I will state again that we here at the Moth Mage are not liable for any damages incurred on those who purchase these services, and by doing so the buyer acknowledges this.

Do you have what it takes?

We’ll see.