Welcome, I am Velotak, a sorcerer who has been operating or “practicing” for eleven years. Over the years, I have practiced a wide variety of crafts: traditional witchcraft, southern hoodoo or conjure, psionic magick, Solomonic magick, shamanistic magick, chaos magick, African Traditional Religions, and much more. I am the founder of The Moth Mage.

My business partner is Moadiex, an artificer, necromancer, and follower of the old Norse ways. He is a master of crafting a diverse range of magickal objects, from advanced versions of common ritual implements to custom altars that resemble sorcerous tanks.

Our interns are Qur and Siralonx, a transhumanist eclectic wizard and modern biological mage, respectively. Both of them have six years’ experience in their fields, and are incredibly bright students of the Craft. They are in training to become professional sorcerers themselves.

We are the wings and eyes of the machine that is the Moth Mage.

Before we begin: Magick is not a rigorous science. Imagine pitching a baseball. In the mundane realms, the baseball will always land. Magick, however, is different: sometimes the baseball disappears in midair for no discernible reason, sometimes it stops and hovers mid-flight, sometimes it turns around and obliterates the batter, sometimes it travels through the ground to fall onto a woman on the other side of the planet. These things happen. As such, take heed to our notices before you read further:

No guarantees on spellwork results (see above).

No refunds.

-Our clients are our charges. As such, they retain full confidentiality and their information will never be distributed to a third party. 

All payments in advance (payment plans accepted).

-If you’re given instructions for a ritual- follow them closely. We are not responsible if your results are weakened by your failure to follow directions.

-We cannot give exact time-frames for results. However, we can give estimates: ask.

-While we are flexible with our pricing, they do not vary more than they cost to perform. This depends on the work at hand. 

In addition to the fields mentioned above, I have practiced twelve other unique, obscure fields of sorcery.

Our time is ever dwindling, and our work is the result of years of experimentation with the most intense of currents. My work has since taken a turn to more bestial and atavistic methods- primal shamanism at its strongest. I offer products that are a culmination of a decade’s study and experimentation in order to cut years of potentially wasteful experimentation off the budding sorcerer’s life. Moadiex offers tools and structures for rituals that can be used to devastating effect by even those who are untrained in sorcery. More than what is listed is available, and more products are being imagined, experimented on, and implemented with the passing of each sun.

Note that we are not your personal assassins, however we do offer services involving justice. What justice is, varies on the case, and is up to the spirits. We are also capable of creating spirits to serve even the magickally disinclined, and their methods of employment are extraordinarily simple.

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Legal Disclaimer: We are not doctors, lawyers, financial advisers, or any similar sort of academic specialists. We are sorcerers. You do not hire us to ask about your medications, or to testify in court for you, or for us to tell you what to invest in. You hire us for our craftsmanship and magick. Purchasing our services means you understand and accept this, and our policies. All of our sorcery is The Moth Mage originals, the result of our combined practices.