A Multitude of Lights


Very few of our species retain memory upon incarnating. Fewer still, are those of us who build the foundations of perception from scratch. Ordinarily, we are born with no judgement of the world before us. Opinions and beliefs are formulated by our interaction with each other, not the world around us- neither are “naturally occurring”. Religious agnostics, political centrists, philosophical absurdists, and complete and utter solipsists, are all linked by a common thread- interaction with others led them to their opinion.

When we are first exposed to the world, our assemblage points are taught and nudged as to where to reside. This is not a conscious effort, but rather a result of nurturing a youth, a feature of nature. Our ability to judge, and therefor our ability to have opinions and beliefs about, our surroundings arises not as a natural progression of person, but of energy. The position of the assemblage point of the caretaker is the position that the child will drift towards.

Can the monsters under your bed be guardians, if you never learn to fear the dark, and see them as such? Can confidence really make you more attractive, intelligent, or whatever else? Do flat earth theorists actually live on a flat earth?

The answer to all three is yes.

On Perception

It should come as no surprise, reader, that nothing in this world is “real” in the commonly-accepted sense. As Don Juan once said, “this is a world of energy first, than of objects”. Most philosophers from the Ancient Hindus, Plato, and Descartes all shared the view that our world was not what it seemed to be. They were strongly aware of the sheer delusion of our existence, the falsehood of the idea that what we saw made any sense, and that our senses could be trusted. Many people over the history of our species have felt the pull to something “more”, something “out there” that is beyond what we know. The unknown can be sensed, even by the magically unaware- due to the current configuration of man, this has often been interpreted as fear. A “gut feeling” that something bad is about to happen. There are countless sounds our ears cannot hear, countless colors our eyes cannot see, and the idea that we are all firmly grounded in the same “reality“ seems unfounded, even if the alternative seems to make even less sense.

The reason for this, is an energetic fact that has been recognized by sorcerers since antiquity- we are all, at our base, pliable energy. Moving, shifting, living energy, which can turn from some states into other states, and from one form into another. How does this change occur? By persistent effort, refined thought- intent, which can rearrange our very selves. We are, not what we are, but what we see ourselves to be. Often, it takes a winding length of time for people to fully come to terms with this. Some endure trial by fire, pits of despair, several “Dark Nights of the Soul”, before the final moment when they can realize that they are indeed at the centerpiece of their observation, and that fact is malleable to them. Observation defines reality.

If you do not believe me, reader, may I ask, what do you perceive The Moth Mage as?

We are a voice in your head, working to open your eyes. Whether rough or soothing, whether strict or playful, the entirety of our personality, is what you ascribe to us. A portion of your perception is what we present ourselves as, but it is you, the individual, that determines what that means.

What are we, our species, but a collection of feelings and energies being continually changed?

Magic and Perception

Ancient sorcerers were keenly aware of the energetic facts previously discussed. Perception occurred when the energy fields in the body of the individual resonated with similar fields in the wider environment, through the assemblage point. That is why it has its name, for the assemblage point is the crossroads where perception is arranged.

Through the manipulation, shifting, and movement of this point, allowed by consistent effort and intent to those ends, a wholly different array of perceptions was available to the sorcerer. By effect on the individual, it is a wholly different reality to work on and with. The fibers of light that attach between all beings, the foundation of intent, is where the power to push the assemblage point comes from. For this reason, we say that we are creatures of light, and that our world, is made of light. Light that we shape, light that we are. Energy that we shape, energy that we are.

In fact, the bulk of magic is just this- slip into a different state, where things are just easier to shape. Perceiving things, at the smallest level, affects even the most minute of properties. Focused intent can even cause a domino effect, through a sheer act of will- refined thought in action is a powerful force. See others differently, in order to change others. See yourself differently, in order to change yourself. See nature, humanity, life or death differently, and you can change them.

Through spending our time in a society, we have slowly, but surely, intersected our perceptual bases. Much of mankind rests on the position of reason, which rules this age of people. This has enabled us to unite our views and construct our society, its rules and applications, and expand our civilization. It has, also, limited most people to a narrow view of reality forever bound by certain circumstantial, biological, and physical laws. With time, this common observation reality becomes the most comfortable one- so comfortable, in fact, that we forgot how to get out of it.

The ever-expanding amount of art and cultural work that is being produced in an attempt to highlight the rebellious, the new, the unique and the eccentric, the hallmark of this generation and the past century or so, has been in silent protest to the frames that we are fitted, and an attempt to change this. Regardless of their efforts, the only movement of assemblage point that makes any difference is yours. For what you perceive, defines reality as a whole. Essentially, we are all the main characters in our own novels, all the starring actors in our own movies and plays.

So… now that you’re in the spotlight, what are you going to do with it?

Written by Qur. 


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