Introducing: The Little Moths

The “Little Moths” are what we here at The Moth Mage call our sorcerous apprentices and functional interns. Moadiex and I have scrutinized and debated and divined to determine the amount of Little Moths necessary, and from there, hand picked two candidates among the eleven that volunteered for the position.

They go by the monikers of Qur and Siralonx. These two individuals will be participating in most of the spellwork performed by we here at The Moth Mage, as part of their training to become professional sorcerers. They have volunteered to provide their email addresses for the public, and will only take cases that are confirmed to be purchased. Allow me to describe their practices:

Qur is a transhumanist wizard with a bent for ancient sorcery, who has six years’ experience. He employs spiritual and universal connections to push the boundaries of what is magically possible for humans to achieve. He is an eclectic student, combining the practices of ritual, natural, and psionic magic to assemble a variety of approaches to solving possible situations.

Siralonx is a sorcerer with similar connections to Qur, but allocated primarily in the modern disciplines and natural systems of magic. Siralonx has also been honing his craft for six years. His practices are less physically based than Qur’s, as Siralonx specializes in astral, psionic, and animalistic magic. His blend of instinctual, biological sorcery and taoist magical and energetic practices results in a multifaceted, versatile set of skills from which he draws his power.

We are proud to welcome these distinguished students into the wings of The Moth Mage.

You may reach them at these addresses-


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