Realpolitik: Self, Sorcery, and Politics

State Sorcery

Realpolitik is “a system of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations”.

Read that sentence over again before continuing.

If you’re on this site, reading this post, you (probably) know and understand that sorcery is an incredibly practical affair, or, rather, can be taken to those ends. Yes, you can indeed hook a desired lover’s heart and sex to your person. Yes, you can receive a few thousand dollar windfalls from spells (if you’re skilled). Yes, the bones of the dead can rattle again to rise and serve.

Yes, spirits can change the landscapes of nations and continents, geographically or psychologically.

There are spells to rend flesh from bone, create terrible disasters and accidents, and change the fate of countries. There are spirits that can play millions of men’s minds at once like a fiddle, and there are deep shadows where quiet eyes and teeth wait to pounce.

Wizards utilize these elements of the unknown. To venture out into the spiritual realms, for knowledge and power, is to throw oneself again and again into the belly of the beast, the face of danger. Unfathomable horrors may cross your path, with tentacles as long as galaxies and mouths wider than black holes. Ancient wonders may illuminate your senses, with temples as radiant as they are massive and creatures as beautiful as all the tales.

To step into the unknown is to search for power.

So, reader, I have to ask you a question- in the modern day, where information is so widely available, especially on esoteric topics; what makes you think governments and businesses don’t employ something that cannot be explained in a rational way, yet can have success rates of over 90%?

Don’t think differently, as it isn’t even close to being a new kind of practice.

Sorcery being employed as a tool to control, defend, curse, or embolden the masses has been present in any civilization with a mythology I can place. Whether or not the rulers themselves were sorcerers, or had members of their courts or even populace partake in these practices, is sometimes difficult to discern.

We know that the Queen Elizabeth I had John Dee to advise her. Getting Biblical, Saul employed the Witch of Endor, and the Pharaoh in the New Testament had Iannes and Mambres. Michael Scott was a Scottish wizard that tutored a Pope, Frederick II. Hell, Rudolph II was an alchemist. 

We see modern day reflections of this in black-book projects like MKULTRA, which Bill Clinton officially apologized to the victims of as President, and Project Stargate, which employed full time psychics to remotely view sensitive documents. Turning the clock back a few decades, we have Crowley and Fortune on the British side of the occult “Battle of Britain”. On the other side of the conflict we have Heinrich Himmler and his occult-minded Nazi fellows.

Do you really think all of that, suddenly stopped?

Do you really think a “tried and true” tool of the elite for the past few thousand years would be so easily dismantled by the tides of logic and reason that fail to grasp its nature?

Psychology isn’t the only tool being used by advertisers to woo customers. And that brings me to my next point.

Media and Thought

Let’s get something straight, before we deeply examine this section:

The media is lying to you.

Your country of origin makes almost no difference. In the post-1945 world order, the media has been slowly but surely incorporated into and become an arm of the state. Western, Eastern, Southern, Northern, you can find evidence of this trend in almost any country you look at.

Media is propaganda, regardless of how unbiased it may be. Care to guess why that is?

Its because you can’t not influence people, especially in masses that share and communicate with each other, when dispensing information. The information, at this current stage of humanity, will have an effect on the way those that receive it think or operate. They may think of a tough moral choice for days or weeks at a time, or flare in collective rage at perceived injustices.

We know how magic has been and continues to be a tool of the state, but with something as commonly accepted as the media, do you think they’d just let a juicy opportunity like that pass by?

Many governments leap on that kind of control over their people.

Everybody fears a rebellion, and some go to more dire measures than others to ensure the regime’s power isn’t threatened, or torn down entirely.

People that apply sorcery politically, that still take the hooks that most media tends to cast for reactions and ratings, aren’t doing it strategically or sensibly. In order to understand the nature of the world, one must first be able to see it for what it IS, and not what others say it is.

This is how one cultivates bands of “civilian sorcerers” that join together for group workings against a political candidate, ideology, or national trend. The casualty rates tend to be lower if the workers are experienced, or know to defend themselves against sustained occult onslaught.

Those that don’t see the massive spiritual armaments toted by heads of state and business, never get the chance to mention that they even brushed up against them before being neutralized- ideologically/psychologically, physiologically, or personally. That kind of awareness is only fit to be a juicier morsel for the Eagle, and oh how it loves a fool.

This doesn’t mean that national situations cannot be changed by sorcerers operating individually, however.

The Fight for Purpose

If you’re truly set on changing your political environment through sorcery, there are simple steps to preparation that are infinitely more complex than the three sentences seem at first glance:

  1. Have a goal.
  2. Discern the steps you can take to achieve that goal.
  3. Perform the required actions, flawlessly or near-flawlessly.

Sounds simple. As a matter of fact, this is a three-step “program” that can be achieved to virtually any action that starts with a desire.

And that, reader, is the point.

See, in the past I have found political magic a waste of my time. I’ve only meddled it in recently for personal, historical reasons that I will not be disclosing.

The key is, in order to create political change, you must first have an informed, understood reason for working. You must have a banner to rally behind in order to be successful. An idea, a force, an entity, whatever- there must be a flag of your country flying in the depths of your mind in order to truly tip the scales.

Why this is, remains an unknown. I have a hunch that it is due to the nature of political patterns, energetically, and how past operators of the patterns functioned in rituals.

To get on that racket, you need something more than a vague sense of country or self- you need a rally marker.

And it is up to each of us, man, woman, child, or monster, to find our own reason to make change.

Lest ashes become ashes yet again.


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