Announcing: Ordeals & Challenges

Recently, we have added Mojo Bags, Channeling, and Spirit Bottles to the wide array of products and services offered here.

This is not all, however. We will soon be unrolling a rare type of occult service: that of ordeals and challenges.

What do we mean by this?

An Ordeal is a level-based “test”. The basic levels will run from one (1) to three (3), each step up increasing the duration and the intensity of the ordeal. The purpose of an Ordeal is for an aspiring warrior, seer, or sorcerer to test their problem solving abilities under a time constraint. The base categories are Physical, Mental, and Spiritual, however, if there is a specific field of one aspect of your life you would like to have us test (your physical health, the durability of your defenses, etc.), this is also available: ask. For those who feel they are capable of handling even a level five ordeal, which is no small feat, you may speak to either of us about having an “Omnideal”. If the name doesn’t give it away, this is a special type of ordeal in which we will go all out on the “exam”. We are not responsible for what happens to those that partake in these ordeals, especially the Omnideal. The point of this service is for the sorcerer to make sure they can respond under pressure, and not crack under it, as such the Omnideal is a very limited affair.

Challenge is a month-long, hands-off, reward-based version of an Ordeal. What this means, is that we will be setting up the Challenge in advance with our spirits, and there will be an objective that must be realized and reported to either of us. As the ones organizing the Challenges, we will know exactly what the objectives will be and, if they are successfully attained, there will be a prize. This prize will range from a personal spirit, to a tool, to a “themed” occult device that has relation to the times in which the Challenge takes place. Note that these Challenges will be populated with factors outside of our control, and as such we are not liable for what happens to those that partake in them. You understand this by purchasing entry into a Challenge. For a flat $100 USD, we will reveal the objective(s) of the Challenge to the buyer. If a Challenge is not completed within the month time set, there will be no reward given, as the Challenge will cease to exist. Only sorcerers that are experienced with spirits, astral travel, rituals and divinations should attempt these Challenges, although specific requirements will be posted with the Challenge itself. The reward(s) for the completion of the Challenge will be posted publicly.

In short- a personal “stress test”, or entry into a test of strength that will yield rewards.

Those interested in purchasing these services should consider them carefully, as we will test what we are hired to test. With this in mind, I will state again that we here at the Moth Mage are not liable for any damages incurred on those who purchase these services, and by doing so the buyer acknowledges this.

Do you have what it takes?

We’ll see.


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