On The Birth of Spirits

People have been inquiring as to the differences between the artificial spirits I sell, and other types of man-made entities, such as servitors, egregores, and elementals.

The short answer is: there is no difference.

Let us take a look at the common perception of the birth of a man-made entity. We’ll use the lens of chaos magic for this, as it has the greatest number of terms relevant to spirit creation that we will dissect.

Take a sigil. In the initial stages of development, a sigil is nothing more than an energy pattern drawn with our tools, or a depiction of an energy pattern. Sometimes, sigils have power by virtue of their design, or by their depiction, or are enlivened to possess a pattern. A sigil is virtually identical to a talisman in this respect. Both are enchanted physical masses that depict or symbolize a metaphysical action.

Conventional knowledge draws the arc from sigil to egregore with many lines, emanating from different people. To most, the development of sigil to egregore is a result of people using the sigil, or giving energy to the “egg”. This then results in an increased level of consciousness and power that allows the egregore to take life and start acting on the world of its own volition.

Some throw the stage of “servitor” between sigil and egregore. A servitor is regarded as an artificial consciousness that is given life by the power of the sorcerer, or through the mixture of talismanic materials that is then frequently fed to keep the creation moving to process a task, and when it is complete, the servitor is disassembled.

Elementals are in a similar category and are yet lopped to the side, as they belong in the territory of Hermetics and Bardonians. They are essentially bits of your energy intended to act as a “separate but same” entity for whatever purpose you wish.

But the main question- on how spirits are different from these categories of creation?

There are two main distinctions: power, and technique.

Let us discuss first how power influences the creation of spirits. I am unfortunately not kidding when I say I have seen associates of mine hint at this practice in public forums, only to be told that creating spirits isn’t possible! Not only that it isn’t possible, but that the “simple machines” of servitors “are no match for the multi-faceted glory of the spirits” (yawn).

Funny little fact: did you know we’re all spirits?

All of us. You, reader, are a spirit. Your mailman is a spirit. Your dog is a spirit. Your rump is a spirit!

Now, I won’t be introducing you to your ass (unless you hire me to), however the basic principles of animism are alive and well throughout the universe. Everything has a spirit and upon contemplation of this, you will eventually see the beauty in it.

Reader, do you have children?

If so, guess what: you made a spirit.

Everything in this world and this universe has a creator. Nothing “just appeared”- granted, future versions of a spirit may birth its original version, however there is no sudden “poof!” and a spirit is there. In cases such as that, it is a coin flip to see if they willed themselves there, or something else did.

The species of man has a spirit that created them. And here is where things get fun.

Parts make up a whole. Wouldn’t you agree? Wires are just “wires” until they’re a part of a piece of technology, then they’re “part of the computer”. Most people don’t place their attention on their veins, that body is just “them” and not a composite. Make sense?

Mankind is both comprised of many individual spirits, and belonging to one head honcho because they are a part of the spirit.

Those that think spirits cannot be created by men, aren’t strong enough to have tried.

This brings me to my second point: technique.

There are a number of different ways to create spirits, ranging from chimeras to clones to forms to variants. It is a very complex affair that I don’t have the space to fully elaborate on here.

However, different techniques create different types of spirits. Using one’s own energy, they create an additional spiritual appendage that is attached to their energy. When they “discharge” it, they are essentially eating their own arm. It is a barbaric practice, yes, however that is a good idea for people that aren’t strong enough to hold dominion over their creations.

I employ certain techniques that don’t have the spirit be a part of my being- hence why I can create them for others. A hint: don’t use your energy.

Power is the key, and the gate. For those that do not have enough power to create their own functioning spirits and gods, power is the way. Have someone work on your behalf, or become powerful enough yourself to create them. Power prevents you from knowing things, if you don’t have enough of it, and lets you know whatever, if you do.

Those stuck on words and finding a group to create an egregore, need not be.

As always: hunt power, and if you have what it takes, you will catch it.


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