Truth, Subjectivity, and the Nature of Fact

What is a fact?

Merriam-Webster calls it “the quality of being actual”. Oxford calls it “a thing that is known or proven to be true”. lists it as something that “actually exists; reality; truth”.

“Actually exists?” “The quality of being actual”? “A thing that is known or proven to be true”?

For a word that our society loves to perform handstands and cartwheels on, for a celebrated deity worshiped in temples in every city of every country of the world, it sure has an oddly vague definition, no?

Why do you think that is?

See, here’s a funny thing about man: we like to think we’re the center of the story. Hiding or ignoring alien signals, explaining the magic out of the rituals of our forefathers, “manifest destiny” on a planetary scale.

Except, we are not. Man is a conglomerate of feelings, of intentions, sprouting from the seeds of stars that exploded and reached this planet. A bundle of lights that evolved from the ashes of their ships into the current shapes we hold now.

We’re not an abnormal species. When comparing human intelligence to extraterrestrial or spiritual intelligence, we find our species’ and our individual niches.

Everyone is different. There is a different job for each individual in this world. Everyone here serves a unique purpose.

But, we’ve lost touch with that side of us. Gone are the days that the old seers of the Toltecs flew through the sky, and long past are the hours between night and day that gods emerged to walk the world of men. Man has been tricked into snuggling tightly into the position of reason, which has only in the last four or so hundred years started to loosen.

That doesn’t negate the reality of man’s position in the world. Yes, our kind has overstepped our ecological boundaries and the earth is being harmed by this. That doesn’t mean all men are enemies of earth, and in fact, some she is rather fond of. Hence why we haven’t gone extinct yet.

All she’d have to do is take some antibiotics.

With this in mind, where does our modern materialistic worldview fit in with the truth of mankind? Where does the corporate agenda wedge its way into the spiritual lands? Just how far can the shadow elite corrupt?

The answer is: nothing.

That is not to say that mages shouldn’t seek riches, or that corporations don’t benefit from the covert hiring of sorcerers, or that the “Illuminati” don’t effectively rule the planet due to their spiritual connections.

The point is that our species’ mode of consciousness, the consumer-herd, cannot persist in one’s self in order for them to arrange true perceptions. The media is a blind. The government is a mask. The world is a reflection of fog.

Truth, and true perception, only occurs when one distances their mind from the masses. Disconnect from the shared commonplace ideals of our fellows, and focus on your self and your spirit. Make the appearances necessary, even to fool yourself if need be, as long as you are capable of dropping the shield of your identity and moving headfirst into the unknown.

If you cannot relinquish the artifacts of the position of your assemblage point, you will remain bound by your limitations, and stuck to this world.

Dropping your shields is not enough. One must have enough power to beckon their personal eternity, and even more to step into it, at the end of the long day.

For that is the fate which warriors seek to fulfill.


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