Introducing a Partner: Moadiex

Moadiex and I have known each other since the relative beginning of our paths, which started five and a half months apart from each other. He and I have been close associates on the path over our years, and have assisted each other with a number of ventures.

Whereas my path has taken me to the primal methods of man and those that came before, Moadiex has ventured into the northern, heathen breeds of sorcery. He is a master craftsman and artificer of a number of tools common and unique: we will offer his original “soul gems” on the site, in addition to his handcrafted altars (which are his specialty) and tools.

Moadiex has also trained himself in ways of amplifying and strengthening sorcery, and we will be introducing a special offer for our combined work. As a “heathen adept” and necromancer he also offers advanced runic sorcery, summoning of Norse deities and giants, divinations with runes he has carved in the traditional manner, and more. Some of his necromantic talents include legions of the dead, Draugr, wights, and even Valkyries.

His email for the shop is You may request products of either of us through either of our emails, and we will discuss the work at hand.

I still use his Focuses and altars on a daily basis, including a dresser-sized compartmentalized altar that is united under one roof. I can vouch for his proficiency in craftsmanship physical and spiritual alike, and am proud to welcome him to the site.

Look forward for products available from him and us in the near future. Some have already been released and more are to come.



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