On World Orders

They change.

We know this. On an intellectual, conscious level, we recognize the signs that materialize at the passing of one age, and the dawn of another. From the shift of man from hunter-gatherer to farmer, to the eventual death of the Church’s grip on Europe at the hands of rationalism and the Age of Enlightenment.

Time passes, ages close, and heroes become myths.

This has been long understood by our kind, on a subconscious level as well as an intellectual one. We are destined only to be born, and die. The spaces in between are the dictations of our past actions and present mindframes.

As man progresses deeper into the settlement of the planet, trends in culture, religion, and people have shifted and deepened.

And now they grow complacent.

The planetary elite, in the ashes of the Third Reich, dictated the path that the world should follow in order to ensure another instance of the Third Reich does not rise.

Or so was the story. In reality, they sought to unify the world against the possibility of another World War occurring. A single, planetary government, which eradicates war and hunger in its people.

We can see this agenda, and its opposition, throughout the last seventy years of history. The Soviets’ absorption of neighboring territories, and the subsequent formation of the Warsaw Pact in order to oppose NATO, created a tension of power between the two superpowers of the world at the time.

But the Bolsheviks have since departed their red land. The red was bred out of the later generations of Soviet citizens, which resulted in the country’s laws becoming lax, and their eventual dissolution.

The Western Order is slowly becoming the law of all lands. The government-controlled media’s focus on so-called “enemy states” is a polarizing tool used to rile the masses against whichever country refuses to Westernize itself this time. It has lately been more of the liberal-leaning leaders that push the “one world government” agenda through the use of open borders, unrestricted immigration, centralized income from the government, and censorship of free speech under the mask of offending another individual. This is not to say conservatives are not also playing the same cards- their tools of the trade are slightly different, yet amount to the same ends.

Increased surveillance on the general population, increased military spending, and official adherence to a single set of scriptures creates a similar foxhole with different colors. Whereas liberals swing towards the “open movement” ending of the Geopolitics game, conservatives reach towards the “police state” ending.

The fusion of these disparate strategies in corralling the citizenry of a given nation is what is happening across the board in the Western world. The bastions against Western ideology, centered in the Middle and Far East, have been targeted and vilified by the media of the nations in order to create a perception of an opponent politically, financially, or militarily- sometimes all three.

Let’s imagine a scenario. Assume the Western world is successful in converting all societies into new democracies, subvert their resources, or successfully controls the nations in question from the shadows. What would this mean?

A simple illustration would be the end of hunger, war, and strife. All individuals would be cared for under a global government that ensures the masses survive happily and without question for their rulers, which would naturally be the richest of the rich. This is Dark Ages 2: The Global Government edition. Yes, men’s physical woes would wean away into nothingness, but that is not how life is created to work.

Nature adapts and evolves. Species are born and die out. Climates change and ice melts. Tropics become conglomerates of ice.

We are born to change.

The shadow of a total planetary government is the intellectual monopoly over humanity such a force would generate. It is reasonable to assume that all major media outlets would be government-controlled, and unauthorized broadcasts of information likely to be shut down. Do television networks allow hackers to use their signal to transmit messages? Not usually, and that is why they are hacked in the first place.

Picture a world where the only possibly sources of information for you to process came from a single mouth.

The words it whispers could change the fabric of man’s history and nobody would notice.

It has already happened. Continents have risen and fallen on this planet, and whispers of ancient civilizations are often ridiculed… and only somewhat wrong.

A unified, single planetary government creates an intellectually blinded populace. It would have the power and the authority to rewrite what we consider the laws of psychology, sociology, and common decency on a whim and could make none the wiser.

This is stagnation. The spiritual death of a species. The imprisonment of Earth herself.

This does not mean the men and women behind it are acting of their own volition, of course. The evils that the elite class of society perpetuates on the lower rungs cannot be recounted by mere words, or fully encapsulated within them.

The thing is, this pattern is simply repeating.

Three million years ago, the old men of this planet rose. The fabled civilizations of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, and so on. Over the course of that cycle of humanity, they paralleled our evolution from its earliest stages to their eventual “biological singularity” under a united planetary kingdom.

From there, our predecessors regressed to become a society of restriction, mistrust, and obscured truths hidden in official lies.

Sound familiar?

There will always be those that seek to make the world “one big family”.

They will never succeed for terribly long, as nature has a way of quelling unity in her children.

In this cycle of men, the seeds of globalism have sprouted, and the old blood seeks to return under one roof. If they succeed, they will kill us all.

Fight to live, not survive for a short time in ignorance.

In order to break the cycle of man’s rise and downfall, we need to remain a diversified mass of life that continues specializing itself. We need more national presence, more cultural understanding, and a generally-accepted agreement to not burn each other to the ground.

Agreeing to anything more than not killing each other, to link cultures, will inevitably result in a chain reaction ending in a rebirth of globalist ideology.

So set foot on your world, and do the healthy thing for all of us, as a species-

be you.


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