Welcome to our store. We offer a number of different products and services, and suggest reading our About page. If you are unsure of what to purchase for your case, feel free to email any of us with the details and we will guide you to the most appropriate service. Click on the box in the top left corner to be directed to another page.

You can reach either Velotak or Moadiex at, or, respectively.

Note: All of our products are handmade, and they are done so on demand. If you wish to have particular temporal attributes included in the creation of an item (specific astrological conditions, moon phase, etc.), notify one of us and we will make adjustments where necessary. Naturally, this goes for rituals as well. As we are specialty practitioners, and have other responsibilities, this means that our specialty products will take some time to create. It is better to carefully and slowly craft a sword than to have it fall apart in battle, after all.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for what happens to you, or the individual receiving our products or services, should you attempt to deceive us, cheat us, or any shade of the sort. All of our products are The Moth Mage originals, as we use our own unique styles of sorcery. It is your duty, in order to receive results, to follow instructions where and when necessary. The most extravagant ceremony a client has needed to perform, as necessary for a working, yet, has been to bury a talisman in the middle of the night in a local wood.

Special Offer: Four Wingsmen

For an extra 50% of the price of a purchased ritual or spirit, you may have Moadiex, Qur, Siralonx, and Velotak come together and do the required work as a unit. This effectively quadruples the strength of the sorcery at hand, and with our intensifying techniques, the power increases exponentially. This is automatically included for purchases of over $2000 USD.

Custom Items & Spells

Don’t see something you want? No problem. Contact us at,,, or and we can work something out in regards to creating and pricing your item.


We will need:

  • Full names of all targeted parties.
  • Letter explaining the situation and your exact desire, in literal terms.
  • How long has the situation gone on?
  • If another has worked on this situation, to your knowledge, we will need to know what if any results came, and if possible, the type of practitioner they were.
  • You to keep in contact with us- a biweekly report works as well. If a work needs “recharging”, we will do so free of additional charge, however, it is your duty to inform us of that.

Rituals start at $500 USD, and are the most powerful type of spellwork offered here at The Moth Mage. Rituals are multi-step (one price) solutions to an assortment of problems or desires, such as-

  • Love and Lust
  • Money Drawing and Keeping
  • Finding and Keeping Employment
  • Personal and Legal Justice
  • Protection and Travel
  • Removal and Gain

If you don’t see your desire here, email us at,,, or More than what is listed is available.

Personal Upgrades

Many individuals have asked for this section, and now, we deliver- here at The Moth Mage we have developed energetic tools (“Magnifiers”) that can be attached to virtually any being, so long as they are willing, in order to increase the specific powers of the entity. We also offer the optimization and empowering of entities not created in-house, which includes the buyer, if they desire. Magnifiers are similar to energetic equipment in functionality, while the enhancements are similar to biological alterations on a spiritual level. We now offer custom abilities as well, which may be implemented in the buyer, so long as they are aware that it is their duty to train the abilities. Instructions come with each product.

(FREE w/ Personal Upgrade) Analysis of Power- A scrying and tarot reading to determine the strength, type, and level of a chosen being. Level systems can be seen in our “Spirits” section.

($150+ USD) Custom Ability- Creates a custom ability in line with the buyer’s desires, within reason. It is up to the target being to access and further train this ability.

Energy Magnifiers- ($50 USD)

Elemental Magnifier- Focuses the elemental powers of the attached being, and their control over the four basic elements. Increases the strength of elemental energies emitted by the user.

Planetary Magnifier- Focuses the planetary prowess of the attached being, and their control over planetary energies. Increases the strength of planetary energies emitted by the user.

Bestial Magnifier- Focuses the animalistic powers of the attached being, and their control over the energy of animals, and their symbolic resonance. Increases the strength of primal energies emitted by the user.

Ancestral Magnifier- Focuses the hereditary and ancestral powers of the attached being, and their connection to their bloodlines and the beings within. Increases the strength of personal energies emitted by the user.

Stellar Magnifier- Focuses the celestial powers of the attached being, and their control over stellar energies. Increases the strength of stellar energies emitted by the user.

Life Magnifier- Focuses and optimizes the generation of vital force of the attached being, and their ability to manipulate it. Increases the strength of life force emitted by the user.

Power Enhancements- ($100 USD)

Level Up- Increases the strength (re: ability to affect environment/project energy) of the target being equal to one level on our spiritual power scale.

Ability Enhancement- Optimizes the efficiency of, and increases the output of, the chosen ability on a target being.

Donor/Species Infusion- Infuses the target being with a magnitude of the personal energy of the entity/type of entity of choice.

Spell Facilitator- Magnifies the strength of the target being’s magical capabilities; the ability to use energy to affect probabilities and occurrences.


($150 USD) Level 1- A Level 1 Ordeal lasts for approximately one and a half weeks, and will test whatever single aspect of your life you choose.

($450 USD) Level 2- A Level 2 Ordeal lasts for approximately three weeks, and will test whatever two aspects of your life you choose.

($750 USD) Level 3- A Level 3 Ordeal lasts for approximately one and a half months, and will test whatever three aspects of your life you choose.

($1000 USD) Level 4- A Level 4 Ordeal lasts for approximately three months, and will test whatever four aspects of your life you choose.

“The Cancel Spell”

This is a kind of omni-tool when it comes to past workings done on the client’s behalf.
“The Cancel Spell” is a ritual of our own design that nullifies and destroys the spell that is described by the buyer. We will perform a divination beforehand to ensure that the spell you speak of remains truly on the target, whether or not it is you, and if it is we will get rid of it. This is not how we get rid of curses however, see “Exorcisms” for such. Each separate spell you wish for us to get rid of is a separate charge. As long as the spells aren’t curses, they can be simply deleted by this spell. Note that purchasing this is not necessary to cancel work done by us, merely ask.

  • ($50 USD) – Cancellation of one spell, regardless of originator.
  • ($250 USD) – Instructions on how to cast this spell for yourself.



Regarding Lights: Due to the success of operations, which would not have been possible without all of our supporters, we here at The Moth Mage have acquired the space for three new altars for our clients- the Black Altar, the White Altar, and the Grey Altar. Lights act as a “spiritual nudge”, which allows clients normally unable to afford rituals to benefit from a spark of power, or clients with heavy work to purchase additional vectors and supports for their desires. After all, candle work has wide applications, and ours are worked to the greatest advantage of the client. They will be worked and allowed to burn completely. If requested, photos will be provided, as here at The Moth Mage we value options. The altars are specifically to contain these lights for our clients. The Black Altar is destructive in nature, the White Altar, mending, and the Grey Altar, multi-faceted: specify which altar you would like to have your candle(s) lit on. If no Altar is selected, the candle will be placed on the Grey Altar.

($4 USD) Votive- A 2′ votive candle of the color chosen by the buyer will be lit and programmed for the buyer’s goal.

($8 USD) Candlelight- A 6′ candle of the color chosen by the buyer will be lit and programmed for the buyer’s goal.

($10 USD) Animal- A 6′ candle consecrated with the energies of the buyer’s choice of animal will be lit and programmed for the buyer’s goal.

($13 USD) Planetary- A 6′ candle consecrated with the energy of the planet the buyer chooses will be lit and programmed for the buyer’s goal.

($16 USD) Spirit-light- A 6′ candle consecrated to the spirit of the buyer’s choice will be lit and programmed for the buyer’s goal.

($18 USD) Dual-Action- A 6′ candle of two colors, and their order, chosen by the buyer, will be lit and programmed for the buyer’s goal.

($21 USD) Seven-Day- A 9′ candle of seven colors, will be lit and programmed for the buyer’s goal.

($25 USD) Portal Light- A 9′ candle, buyer’s choice of color, type of spirit, and task of the summoned.

($30 USD) Moth Light- Our specialty, 9′ candle of three colors, chosen by the buyer, will be lit and programmed for the buyer’s goal. Note: this light is off-limits for photographs.


Regarding Waters- Our waters are all freshly collected, rain or spring water, unless the buyer requests otherwise. If the buyer wishes to have the waters mixed with different herbs or other ingredients, it is their duty to inform us of such, as our waters are stripped of other physical components. Each product comes in a 2oz., 8 oz, or 16 oz glass UV protected bottle. Even a drop of water is effective at accomplishing its task. Prices are listed in 4/8/16 oz size. Colors available are amber, blue, green, and clear. If no color is selected, the product will arrive in blue. Additionally, the resonance of the bottles will charge, albeit with diminishing returns over time, any water placed in the bottle. At this time, there are two categories of waters- Esoteric and Vodou.

Note: For an additional $20 USD, on any size bottle, Moadiex will etch and activate the sigils of any entity you wish to be present in or enchanting the water. If you do not wish to have specific sigils, but still desire him to enchant the water further, he will etch the sigils of associated spirits or forces into the glass.

Esoteric Waters- ($20/$50/$80) USD

Elemental Water- Increases the presence and power of the designated elements when used in a ritual. The water may be used to tune into the element, or meditate on it. The buyer must specify the element in question they wish the water to possess the qualities of. The water may possess the qualities of all the elements, if specified.

Planetary Water-  Increases the presence and power of the designated planets when used in a ritual. The water may be used to tune into the planet, or meditate on it. The buyer must specify the planet in question they wish the water to possess the qualities of. The water may possess the qualities of all the planets, if specified.

Beast Water- Empowers and enlivens the energy of the requested animal, which in turn feeds the spirits of the animal, should they be nearby. Useful as a shamanic offering and as a manifestation base for working with atavistic spirits.

Planar Water- Serves as a beacon for and condenser of the plane of existence of the buyer’s choice. As this is akin to setting a light, it will attract the energies and/or entities of the chosen plane like a lighthouse.

Vodou Waters- ($30/$70/$115) USD

Florida Water- Using the method Velotak was taught by Erzulie Freda, our Florida Water is useful for cleansing, offerings, and rewards for spirits. Florida Water may be “dark” or “light”, which increases its lunar or solar properties, respectively.

Corpse Water- Using the method Velotak was taught by Papa Gede, our Corpse Water is for increased communications with the dead and ancestors, increasing resonance with spirits of death, necromantic ritual acts, and even as an offering.

War Water- Using the method Velotak was taught by Ogun, our War Water is for protection, offerings, charging, or spellwork. War Water may be “cold” or “hot”, which changes the speed of its power and the mechanisms behind them. Cold War Water is like a creeping poison, while Hot War Water is more akin to an explosion.

Door Opening Water- Using the method Velotak was taught by Papa Legba, our Door Opening Water is for enhancing spirit communications, clearing psychic interference, opening paths in life and moving on. Door Opening Water is both physical and nonphysical in purpose: when used in ritual, it will serve to create new pathways and frontiers, or heighten the intensity of spirit communications.

Talismans & Icons

($50 USD) Remote Talisman- Using a method of distance-charging and enchantment, we turn an object you already possess into a basic talisman, such as for love, money, luck, and so on.

($100 USD) House Blessing- Applying a magnified version of the Remote Talisman, a picture of the outside view of your dwelling is required (inquire if this is not a possibility). Blesses the abode with luck and prosperity that builds for a month, before expanding for another five.

($250 USD- $500 USD) Enlivened Statue- Price depends on the size of the statue, and cost to acquire. The entity depicted (or buyer’s choice) will be given the statue as a home, consecrated as such, and will undergo certain procedures to be enlivened and active on the physical plane. The statue can then be used as the physical body of the entity the buyer specifies.

($565 USD) Gate- On stone, metal, or wood- inquire for options available at the current time. The Gate is a solid, large mass that is ritually transformed into a permanent doorway to a plane, entity, or energy of the buyer’s choice. Instructions for activating, strengthening, and shutting down the Gate included.

($700 USD- $1000 USD) Custom Commission- Depending on the size, complexity, and material of the desired statue, this is a (usually larger) version of the Enlivened Statue. However, it receives additional bonuses to its strength due to more powerful rituals involved in its creation.


($200 USD) Ouija Altar- Specialty ouija board carved with sigils of divination and prophecy or buyer’s choice of entity. The board is enlivened and given a simple spirit that acts as a miniature version of the Akashic Records.

($600 USD) Two-Part Altar- Size of a small dresser, comes with two drawers and the top can be used as an additional space. Each drawer comes with the burned sigils of whichever forces or entities the buyer requests present, or, if not stated, for the intent of the altars themselves to be magnified.

($700/$900 USD) Red/Blue/White/Black Coffin/Adept Coffin- Coffins made and burned with sigils of the dead and rulers of the dead in red, which evokes the violent and angry dead, blue, which evokes the academic and intelligent dead, white, which evokes the old and kind dead, and black, which evokes the sorcerous dead. The Adept Coffin is golden, and is empowered to summon all of the aforementioned types of shade and their masters, and is $200 USD more expensive than the other versions. Instructions included. Inquire about available sizes.

($1250 USD) Wizard’s Desk- Desk-sized altar with legs and compartments that are enchanted to serve either individual or a united purpose, buyer’s choice. Comes with protector spirit imbued into the desk itself and information to work with the guardian. Useful for keeping separate types of talismans charged on the same altar, or coordinating multiple variables of complex spells. On order one at a time. Available.

($3000 USD) Witches’ Dresser- Six-compartment dresser that is engraved, burned, washed, and incensed according to the buyer’s desire, and imbued with the powers and intent of their choice. Each dresser can be a separate purpose or parts of a united whole. Extremely versatile tool. On order one at a time. Available.


($100 USD) Pure Elemental Pentacle- Pentacle engraved and enchanted with the properties and entities of earth or buyer’s choice. Inquire about the material, and some kinds of material will increase the price.

($100 USD) Pure Elemental Goblet- Goblet engraved and enchanted with the properties and entities of water or buyer’s choice. Inquire about a material for the goblet, and be advised some materials will increase the price.

($100 USD) Pure Elemental Wand- Wand engraved and enchanted with the properties and entities of fire or buyer’s choice. Inquire about the material, as different kinds of wood are available.

($100 USD) Pure Elemental Dagger- Dagger or athame engraved and enchanted with the properties and entities of air or buyer’s choice.

($200 USD) Painting- Choose if you want it to overtly display occult themes or not (and if not, what specifics you would like), acts as a functional gateway or spirit trap (buyer’s choice). It will be worked on, and painted accordingly, to best display the types of energy or spirit the buyer desires to be prevalent, if any. Ships on canvas.

($255 USD) Sympathetic Focus (“Soul Gem”)- Glass sphere roughly large enough to fit into the hand, etched and enchanted to generate the soul of whatever target is visualized into the sphere. Use these objects as the most intimate connection to the target.

($360 USD) Ethereal Visage- A handcrafted mask of wood that is enchanted and burned with the sigils of the entities and forces you wish to evoke with wearing the mask. These forces will be bound into the mask so that when it is slipped on, they will fill the wearer with their power and fuse with their energy like a second skin.

($800 USD) Traditional Rune Set- Moadiex will venture into his local forest in the night to carve a branch indicated by omens into a set of runes blessed with fire and the old blood. A highly accurate divination and ritual tool that comes in a small bag, inquire about the color.

($1000 USD) Mirror of Awakening- Moadiex etches sigils of transformation and entities of transmutation of the self. You must state your desire for the mirror before purchase in order for the tool to be effective. Gazing into and meditation upon the mirror will activate the qualities you wish to evoke into yourself and evolve you into what you seek to become. This tool can become a staple of your ascent, simply by meditating on its power. Roughly large enough to fit your entire body in the frame, inquire for specific dimensions.

Spirit Bottles

($70 USD) Essence Bottle- Infused with a piece of the soul of an entity of the buyer’s choice, and made on their point. Useful for getting into deeper contact with said entity, making offerings to them, and increasing the potency of rituals. Size varies.

($150 USD) Grave Bottle- Infused with graveyard dirt, this bottle contains a versatile shade that can be applied to many different kinds of work. Buyer’s choice of specialty, virtually any are available. Talking to the bottle is all that is necessary to prepare it for work. Size varies.

($225 USD) Goetic Bottle- Crafted on the point of, and with the correspondences of, a Goetic spirit or their counterparts, the Shemhamphorasch angels. Assists in rituals featuring these entities, and can be used to directly speak with the entity in question. Size varies.

($300 USD) Djab Bottle- Crafted on the point of and filled with offerings to a hard working, “hot” spirit. This spirit is capable of performing many types of work, and will require you to direct it to the desired goals. It is a “jack of all trades”. Size varies.

($365 USD) King’s Flask- Worked on the corners of four separate “knight” entities that are sworn to serve the owner of the bottle. Carry or conceal the flask, and speak to it to command the knights. Comes with a list of the spirits and filled with their essence. Size varies.

($400 USD) Dragon’s Horde- Worked on the point of a powerful dragon, the Dragon’s Horde is a bottle that comes imbued with the spirit, which specializes in drawing and protecting wealth. Filled with the tools of the dragon and an incantation. The name of the dragon and the incantation to work with it are provided. Size varies.

($500 USD) Lwa Bottle- This is a bottle that is customized to the specifications of the buyer’s desire, and their choice of Lwa. The bottle is thereafter worked on the point of that spirit, and decorated to its wants and charged to its needs. We will offer suggestions on the spirit if necessary.

($750 USD) Ghede Urn- Activated through graveyard dirt, rum, and tobacco, and created on the point of a Ghede Velotak works deeply with, the Ghede Urn comes attached with seven shades of the departed, each specializing in a different kind of magickal work, and are ruled by a powerful Ghede who can perform many types of work. Comes with a list of the spirits and their sigils, and the appropriate veve. Size varies.


Regarding Pacts- We will need to know the spirit you are intending to make a pact with, why, and what you can offer them. For reference purposes, we have yet to see a spirit dislike a cup of cool water or a flame from a purple candle. For the multiple day ceremonies, if you’ve interacted with the spirit before, we need to know what you did and in what context, and how the spirit responded. For Bloodline Pacts, we will need the family name and any relevant details (recent photographs of living relatives, if a baby is in the near future or pregnancy active, etc.).

($50 USD) Petition- We will need the name of the entity, your name, and what you wish to achieve. We will write a petition to the entity on your behalf, and vouch for you under our names. The petition will be charged appropriately, and then burned.

($100 USD) Basic Diplomacy- All we will need is your name for this, however, we will also need the name of the spirit you wish for me to talk to, and why. A basic outline of the story, enough to give me an idea of what I’m walking into, and we should be set. We will also need to know what exactly you want me to accomplish: for instance, if you wish to turn a spirit hostile to a particular party, that is an option, similarly, if you wish to cool its wrath. We will give a full report on the situation and response when the task is complete. Do note, while we will talk to the spirit in question, this does not mean that they will follow through on what has been talked about. This is non-compulsory.

($150 USD) Negotiation- If you’re trying to make a pact with an entity, and yet cannot access the states necessary for contact, or are worried you’re being cheated by the entity, this option will allow one of us to see your contract, determine if it is fair, and negotiate with the entity on your behalf, if desired. We will always attempt to balance out these contracts, unless otherwise requested to skew it in the buyer’s favor.

($265 USD) Trinity Rite- For three days straight, we will be summoning and giving appropriate offerings to the spirit in question. This is a much more tempting option for a spirit to follow through with, and where applicable, oaths may be made. If this situation arises in the middle of the Rite, we will immediately notify the purchaser for further information. We will need the story, the names and pictures of the parties involved, the name of the spirit, the desired outcome, etc. Email us should you have further questions.

($400 USD) Septenary Rite- The same thing as the Trinity Rite, however, it is for a week straight instead of three days. Depending on the way the Rite progresses, and the situation, compulsory mechanisms may be added either in the beginning, center, or end of the Rite. We will need the story, names and pictures of parties involved, the name of the spirit, the desired outcome, etc. Email us should you have further questions.

($800 USD) Bloodline Pact- We will need the story, names and pictures, etc. and so forth of the parties involved. This is a compounded version of the above rites in that the spirit will be worked with specifically so that there is a mutual understanding and service between your bloodline, or simply you, and the spirit. Note that while the spirit may not require services from you, they may indeed require them, and while we will negotiate to minimize the amount of services you need to perform be aware of this possibility. As the name states, these pacts may also exist for your bloodline and your family, which be warned, will need to carry on with the necessary services if you are incapable of such. Once the pact is complete, our job is done, and it is up to you and your family to carry on the relationship.

Spiritual Council

This is a different category than readings, because it revolves purely around me giving advice. If you are a budding sorcerer with curiosity as to how to improve your power, pinpoint your results, or are confused about the result of a spell, you can ask me. This is for all skill levels of sorcery, from fresh-faced apprentice to adept with an anomaly. All questions are to be sent to either Velotak’s email ( or Moadiex’s email ( The different categories are simply the amount of questions you seek to ask us. Note that “spiritual troubleshooting” is a one-off affair when it comes to the questions, so that when we answer the questions you have, that act is the entire exchange between us for the amount purchased.
Purchasing for a time as opposed to questions means email us whenever you desire answers, with however many questions you have purchased. Velotak is not allowed to reveal key components of his. Rest assured that all things discussed are completely confidential, and we are about as judgmental as a brick.

  • ($20 USD) Five Questions
  • ($35 USD) Ten Questions
  • ($300 USD) Three Days of Questions
  • ($1000 USD) Two Weeks of Questions


Either Moadiex or Velotak can be requested to perform this. We offer channeling in three different payment formats: over a period of time (which can be fulfilled through an agreed upon set of time for emails, or other formats), for a certain number of questions, or for blanket advice on a field of your choice, or situation in your life.


  • ($52.50 USD) 30 Minutes
  • ($105 USD) 60 Minutes

Note: Other amounts of time are acceptable. We charge $1.75/minute.


  • ($50 USD) 10 Questions
  • ($95 USD) 20 Questions
  • ($160 USD) 30 Questions
  • ($500 USD) 100 Questions

Note: You don’t have to consume all the questions in one session. However, the questions only apply to one entity. The amount of questions remaining in your session will expire if you do not ask them by one year to the date after purchasing the questions. You may ask them at any time (reminding us of the spirit) throughout that year, though.

Blanket Advice:

  • ($45 USD) One Subject
  • ($70 USD) Two Subjects
  • ($100 USD) Three Subjects
  • ($150 USD) Four Subjects
  • ($200 USD) Five Subjects

Note: To explain the above category- you would purchase this, involving any number of spirits necessary, to ask the entities for advice. For instance, if you purchase one subject, and want to know if Raphael could heal your terminal aunt, this option involves a complete evocation of the spirit and then invocation. What you are then purchasing, is all Raphael would have to say on the topic: from suspicions, to angles of work you can try, recipes, and so on. This does not constitute professional advice and should be used for entertainment purposes only.


Regarding Readings- With every ritual purchased, we will perform a preliminary divination, free of charge, to determine if we are to move forward. If the reading is a negative, we will find other avenues to work through. If the reading is a negative, we will inform you and we will not proceed with the work in question. For all readings, we will need to know the full names of all parties involved. Velotak’s tarot set is a unique one comprised of a hundred cards that he has worked closely with for many years. It and Velotak are of the same, and due to that it is his most potent deck. Note: if you request pictures of the readings, we will send them, however, with the special deck that is not an option.

(+6$ USD) Velotak’s Deck- Any of the card readings with Velotak’s special deck, including scrying.

($4 USD) Summation Card/Rune- A single-card (or rune) reading to determine the overall powers running through your question or situation. Comes with advice on how to handle it if need be. Crowley-Thoth deck or playing cards.

($8 USD) Dream Interpretation- Using shamanic trance and spirit-imparted knowledge of dreams, we will give you a detailed analysis of the dream you desire to report, including any potential messages, warnings, or directions therein. These include manifestations of entities, should they be present.+

($11 USD) Past-Present-Future Reading- This is a simple three-card reading for the past, present, and future of a situation. we will need the names of the parties involved and a general description of the story. Crowley-Thoth deck or playing cards.

($13 USD) Scenario-Solution Reading- Six card reading, three cards for scenario and three for solution. Names of the parties and a general description of the story. Crowley-Thoth deck or playing cards.

($16 USD) Name Reading- Using numerology and cartomancy, we will examine the facets of one’s name, including what personality traits it may contain and the primary energy of the name. Full birth name required.

($18 USD) Spiritual-Mental-Physical Examination- Nine cards, three rows and three columns. Top row is spiritual, middle mental, and the bottom is physical. You can use this to get information on a situation or process, or more of a diagnostic on a person. We will need the names of the parties and a general description of the story. Crowley-Thoth deck or playing cards.

($21 USD) Personal Energy Reading- Suggested only for those who are interested in learning about the contents of their personal energy, or are capable of utilizing that information. Using a picture of your face, we will read your energy and determine what elements, planets, types of beings, and magick are within you, or resonate with you, so that you can increase the power of your work.

($25 USD) Scrying and Spirit Consultation- This is not a card reading, as it applies different energetic faculties. This type of divination will show an answer in a vision, and we will ask either a client-requested spirit or a spirit of our own to comment on the visions. These notes will be sent alongside our interpretation of the vision(s).

($31 USD) Past Life Exploration- Using shamanic trance and tarot, we will draw on either a specific past life of yours, or the first that appears to us. We will receive the information you desire about that life, or your past lives in general, and send it to you in an email in order to answer your question. Crowley-Thoth deck or playing cards.

($36 USD) Pattern Examination- Using shamanic trance and tarot, we will examine the spell of your choice, ritual or energy, and lay out the mechanics of the working, from its methods of drawing and applying energy down to the beings involved, its intent, and overall mechanism of deployment.

($41 USD) Hair/Scalp Reading- With the powers of certain entities, we will read the top of your head, regardless of the presence of hair, to discover the most prominent magickal influences on your person- your “push points”. These are essentially your magickal weaknesses and the forces most capable of affecting you. 1-2 pages.

($47 USD) Archive Examination- This is not a card reading, but a mixture of a scrying session and a projection. In this, we travel to the Akashic Archives to find information relevant to your question, the answer, and the spirits and causes of the situation.

($52 USD) Year Reading- Using cartomancy and spirits, outlines the next 12 months of the subject’s span, with one card per week and one to sum up the month. Usually 1-4 pages.

($61 USD) Eye Reading- Velotak will employ a special trance in order to read the contents of one’s soul, and the spirits it is tied to, and any magick that may be held within it or is affecting it. Requires a picture of both the subject’s eyes. 1-5 pages.

($72 USD) Bloodline Reading- Using shamanic trance and certain entities, we will examine the metaphysical properties of your bloodline, and determine which magickal practices and systems resonate the most with you and your family, as well as what types of energy are complementary and what types are detrimental. 2-6 pages.

($81 USD) Land Reading- Using shamanic trance, we will visit the location of your choice, and detail the types of energy prevalent in the land, the elemental compositions, the types of wild beings roaming the area, and if there are magickal individuals on site, and potentially the number of such. Size: 100 feet around buyer’s choice (For greater distances, add $10 USD per 100 feet. Can only purchase in blocks of 100 feet.). 2-6 pages.

($101 USD) Natal/Event Chart Magickal Translation- Using the subject’s natal chart, or the event chart of a location, we will analyze the magickal properties of the chart, and give a detailed picture on the magickal strengths and weaknesses, balances and imbalances, potential disasters or blessings in the chart at hand. From this, we will also discern and reveal the strongest planetary influences in the chart and how to complement them, and in the case of an event chart, what ritual actions can be taken to these ends. 3-10 pages.

($150 USD) Communion from Above- This is not a card reading, but an evocation of the buyer (or a target)’s higher self, your true spirit, to ask any questions you desire of it, and to receive whatever information about yourself that is sought. When you are not the target of the reading, the target’s higher self will be evoked, and the information given to me will be reported directly to you.

($170 USD) Personal Spirit Reading- Using shamanic trance and tarot, we will determine the amount of spirits walking alongside you, their energies, types, and strengths, and perhaps even their capabilities and names, depending on the amount of spirits present. We will require your birth name for this. 3-12 pages.

($185 USD) Head Spirit and Court Reading- This will determine the head spirit of an individual, which will aid them in their ancestral and/or personal path. It will also discover the spirits in the individual’s court, which are the loi that ally themselves with and watch over said person. Velotak will need a full recent facial photograph of the individual being read for, as well as recent photographs of their hands. If a past Head and Court reading is desired, these do not need to be recent. If desired, this can also be done for past lives, information permitting. When the reading is complete, Velotak will provide the full information for the spirits, including instructions for communication and ideas of what to expect. More instructions or details will be provided if the case demands. Anywhere from 4-18 pages.

Monthly Protection Services

Regarding Monthly Protection Services- Each higher level comes with all of the components of the lower levels. Note that the service is not a guarantee of “complete and utter protection against everything” and so forth, sometimes unfortunate circumstances do occur with no intelligent cause. However, if you wish to have us deal with the surface players of an issue, that is possible. Also note that there do exist events and players in this world which must be dealt with personally, and intervention will not be possible. If we detect this situation, we will inform you immediately.

We will issue you a warning: we have had clients try to benefit from our protection services without paying, and summarily fall. Do not misunderstand: canceling the protection service is completely fine, however, we need to be notified. Trying to benefit from it without paying is not. If you wish to cancel, we will withdraw all if any spirits that need to be, however, you may keep the bases.

($40 USD/Month) Level One- Level one protection services most sorcerers can perform on their own, and is only suggested for the magickally incapable. It consists of shielding and prevention of disasters, in addition to vehicular, family, income, and health protections. However, with over a decade of experience in this field, Velotak has developed mechanisms and techniques that assist in making these protections difficult to defeat. They will be equipped with some tricks up their metaphorical sleeve to serve in your defense. Recharging will happen where necessary. If you are often bombarded, we will email you.

($80 USD/Month) Level Two- Different from level one, in that we send the equivalent of a level two spirit (check the “Spirits” section for level explanations) with its home (which may vary widely, from paper in boxes to wooden sculptures: you will not pay for the base) to monitor and protect you. This spirit will also be given specialties to better serve in your defense. If necessary, and it is the buyer’s duty to inform me of this, we can create the spirit to function for a specific aspect of defense, as opposed to spearheading the entire operation.

($175 USD/Month) Level Three- Level three is a serious step up from level two. Level three sends a unique, individually crafted guard for each member of the buyer’s family (full names and pictures will need to be provided), and one guard for all possessions of the family, in addition to a “boss” spirit who manages the rest. You still will not pay for the bases of these spirits. Names, seals, and “access codes” will be provided for all spirits in the service. Additionally, these spirits will report to us when you are under attack, and if you are unaware of this we will inform you of such. If you wish to customize the spirits, email us and we can discuss it. Without your specific customization requests, we will optimize each spirit for its role.

($300 USD/Month) Level Four- Level four is another major step in the protection service, as it is where our involvement becomes personal. In addition to everything previously mentioned here, every two weeks on a day (day, not time) of the buyer’s choice we will perform readings for them and their family to foresee any potential dangers in the near future. We will personally dismantle the problems you do not need to deal with. If there are are issues you personally need to handle or are as of yet forming, we will notify you. Similarly, when an issue is dismantled, we will report the situation to you. The spirits will be at minimum Level Seven.

($500 USD/Month) Level Five- Level five is the most advanced, as not only do the readings become once a week, but we will personally spiritually assist you, with the full force of our power, in removing potential hazards from your path. In addition, three healer entities will be supplied, as well as two “family helpers” that manage the emotional state of your family, and two “path openers” or “block busters”, inspired by Lord Ganesha. If you wish to change the roles of the spirits, or have a hand in designing them, we will discuss it. The spirits will be at minimum Level Eleven.


Notice: While these spirits are our creations, they are not “egregores” or “artificial spirits” in the commonly accepted sense of the word. These are living spirits that are birthed and forged through methods honed through years of experience and testing. Additionally, vessels for the spirits vary- if you have a particular house in mind for the entity, inform me, otherwise it will be the one most suitable at creation.

All spirits purchased will have full control over them submitted to you. They do not have free will. If you wish for your spirit to come equipped with this, mention it.

Regarding Spirits: All spirits come with a name (we will inform the buyer beforehand if the case allows for them to choose or design a name of their own), seal, and “access code” so that you may work with and command them 24/7. For spirits below level three, you will want to feed them at least once a month, preferably on the full moon. This can be done by dressing a purple votive candle with their corresponding oils and burning it over their seal. Most abilities are on a spiritual level: do you want the spirit to cloak itself in relation to its task? Or, act as your perfect reflection, as either soulmate or adversary, spurring you to grow and evolve? Would you like it to be capable of perfectly mimicking another spirit, and appear to your enemies as their guardian only to betray them? Most things that you can imagine, can be programmed.

The term “donors” regards pre-existing consciousnesses that you want to “borrow” traits from in the creation of your spirit. Do you want your spirit to have the healing abilities of Raphael? Or the legal cunning of Belial? Or the command over death that Baron Samedi has? Combinations such this are not only possible, but powerful. The species of a spirit creates sway in their abilities, personality, ability to affect earth or perform certain functions and more. For instance, the djinn are much closer to our planet than angels, which means they can work faster and sometimes with more physical effects involved (in one case, a protection-service client’s car simply shut down when he tried to drive to the airport: the plane later crashed and killed everyone on board. The car started working again after the flight took off.). Animal spirits produce similar effects, while plant spirits effects lie more in the realms of personal consciousness and understanding.

“Level” refers to the strength of the entity in question. Below are descriptions of the differences, and comparisons for power levels and consciousness.

So, in summary: level refers to the power, ability refers to the specific capabilities, species refers to the base energies, and donors refer to spirits you would like to include “parts” from.

Note: For purchases of spirits equal to or greater than $500 USD, an Enlivened Statue may be constructed for them at 50% of the normal cost.

On/Off Switches: Here is a list of “yes/no” binary capabilities that you may choose to have on or off in any spirit you choose. If you have received a spirit from me and we have not discussed these switches, feel free to contact us for cost-free installation. These are all free. Contact us with questions about any of these:

  • Possess Buyer
  • Mental Link with Buyer
  • Free Will
  • Adaptation to environment/progressing goals
  • Self-Evolution

(+$20 USD)- Add one species to the spirit.

(+$50 USD)- Add one donor to the spirit.

(+$80 USD)- Add one ability to the spirit.

(+$110 USD)- Add one level to the spirit.

  • ($50 USD) Level One: Single purpose, engineered with one task in mind to perform. Roughly human level of intelligence. They’re about as strong as a shade of the dead, or powerful servitor. They may have one donor and one species.
  • ($105 USD) Level Two: General field of operation, engineered to be proficient in all aspects of the desired office. They are useful for more than one case. A spirit for healing purposes will also come equipped with proficiency in death, and vice versa, unless you ask for this to not be the case. Human level of intelligence, and about as powerful as a Goetic Knight or land spirit. They may have up to one ability, two species, and two donors.
  • ($215 USD) Level Three: Up to two offices, of which their reflected fields will be included. These spirits can feed and power themselves. At this level of power, not only can the spirit serve as a tutor, but a guide. They are equivalent to Goetic Dukes in intelligence and power levels. They may have up to two abilities, three species, and three donors.
  • ($330 USD) Level Four: Up to three offices, with reflected fields. These spirits tend to rival the power of Goetic Earls or powerful land spirits, with the intelligence to reflect this. Up to three abilities, four species, and four donors.
  • ($500 USD) Level Five: Up to four offices, with reflected fields. These spirits can contend with weak lwa and djinn. Up to four abilities, five species, and five donors.
  • If you wish to discuss higher-powered spirits, of which there are a number of greater levels, contact or

Curse/Entity Removal/Exorcism

Firstly, if you are in need of a curse or an entity being removed, note that we will likely ask you many questions about the situation, how long it has progressed on for, what the manifestations of either appear to be, if others have worked on this case before, and so on. We will also put here that some curses or entities cannot be removed without killing the host. If we find you are in one such situation, or that the target is, we will inform you.

The prices are based on the relative size of what needs to be exorcised. Except when it comes to people, as their cases can be quite dangerous.

  • ($50 USD) – Object
  • ($75 USD) – Pet
  • ($175 USD) – Room
  • ($325 USD) – House/Building
  • ($500 USD) – Person

Experimental/Energetic Workings

If you can’t afford a ritual, yet want spiritual assistance from me for a desire of yours, well, rest assured- there are cheaper methods than having me access us utilize our full potentials on your behalf.

  • Experimental workings may be for any purpose, however, their methods of delivery are, well, experimental. As we guarantee nothing, we will remind you that due to the experimental nature of these workings, they may fail more often, depending on the circumstances. An experimental working has a $200 USD price range, due to the complexity of possibilities. All experimental workings will be between $200 USD and $400 USD to participate in.
  • Energetic workings, meanwhile, do not possess our full power and are primarily energetic in result. These workings occur when we travel out of the body to deliver energy and information programmed to your desire. These may be on virtually any target. There is a $150 USD range due to complexity concerns. As always, simpler requests are ultimately cheaper. All energetic workings will be between $50 USD and $200 USD. 

Get into contact with us at or, to discuss your case.